Ford Expedition 2021 Price Philippines

P 4,479,000 - P 4,612,000

If you are looking for a thorough post about Ford Expedition 2021 price Philippines and review, you’ve come to the right site! We’ve composed one of the detailed reviews of Ford Expedition 2021.

Power, style, and plenty of space for passengers and cargo are what Ford Expedition has always offered throughout decades. With a new base decoration and extra optional features, the modifications for the 2021 model are even way far noteworthy!

About Ford And Ford Expedition

Back in the olden days in 1903, Henry Ford, along with 11 associate investors, together formed Ford Motor Company - an American automobile corporation. The company has long held a prominent place in the industry by manufacturing several high-ranking passenger vehicles and trucks, as well as auto parts and accessories. 

Amongst those excellent products from the brand, Ford Expedition stands out with the design of a full-size three-row SUV, giving tremendous swagger and imposing presence on the road.

The Expedition was Ford's first full-size SUV to be marketed with a four-door body, debuting in 1997 as the replacement to the Ford Bronco. 

Ford Expedition 2021 Specs

Now, let’s take a look at this legendary For Expedition regarding specs!




Ford Expedition

Seating capacity


Body type


Overall dimensions

Height 76.6 in.

Length 210.0 in.

Width 93.4 in.


122.5 in.

Fuel tank capacity

25.0 gal.


213 cu in, 3496 cc

Max power

Max torque

375 hp @ 5,000 rpm

470 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm


10-speed shiftable automatic


Four-Wheel Independent Suspension and Front And Rear Stabilizer Bar


Front And Rear Ventilated Disc Brakes

Wheels and tires

P275/65R18 Tires, 22-inch Painted Alloy Wheels

Ford Expedition 2021 Price Philippines

The Ford Expedition 2021 for sale Philippines price varies based on variants. Normally, the variant with bucket seats is far more costly than the other one.



Ford Expedition 4x4 Limited EL



Ford Expedition 4x4 Limited EL with Bucket Seats



If the price of purchasing a new model scares you, you can still opt for other options:


20% down payment

12 months

24 months

36 months

48 months

60 months

Ford Expedition 4x4 Limited EL







Ford Expedition 4x4 Limited EL with Bucket Seats







Review Of Ford Expedition 2021 

For those seeking the perfect SUV with high reliability and safety, Ford Expedition 2021 is the wise choice at a reasonable price. Scroll down to get more details!


When it comes to the exterior, the Expedition 2021 presents a certain boldness and sophistication.

In particular, the halogen projector headlamps and glossy aluminum grille sprayed over chrome accents are the most impressive features, which can effortlessly make you fall in love at first sight.

The SUV's side is equally astounding. Along with the inclusion of huge 20-inch alloy wheels, this design undoubtedly gives the whole body shape a dominating outlook.

When it comes to the exterior, the Expedition 2021 presents a certain boldness and sophistication.

Back to the rear, attractive LED taillights also contribute partly to its outstanding robust display. When we mention "robust", we really mean it. The sturdy SUV body measuring 5232 mm x 2001 mm x 1960 mm itself already exhibits a massive sense.

However, packed with a magnificent satin aluminum chrome-finished lift door aiming to help bulky load items, that sense becomes even stronger. 


The Expedition 2021's cabin has a high-end vibe that is sure to be out of your expectation.

Inside, leather upholstery covers the seats and doors, and ambient lighting is pleasantly cozy, which all add to the cabin's ambiance an unspeakable comfort. There is also a panoramic sunroof that allows you to enjoy the ride with a great balance of natural light.

The Expedition 2021 is more than ample with the ability to fulfill up to 8 persons in the cargo space.

Especially rather than the usual gear shift selector, this model utilizes two rotary knobs that play a vastly useful role in handling the engine and terrain management.

In terms of seating capacity, the Expedition 2021 is more than ample with the ability to fulfill up to 8 persons in the cargo space. With the third row being feasibly folded down, the rear luggage compartment provides even more area.

What's more, just by a single press on the button, you can utilize over 2,000 L of extra space. Still not enough to convince you? The middle row of chairs also features the deployed function that might easily satisfy you with the additional area!

Besides, we believe what mainly makes it more upmarket than the other model in the same segment is its spotlight of a captain's seat instead of a three-passenger bench like usual!

Technology Features

When it comes to technology, Ford Expedition 2021 can be no less than any other car. 

No matter whether you're an Android or Apple geek, you're all in luck. The Ford Expedition's dashboard has an 8-inch touchscreen with the brand's Sync 3 system, which supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and enables smooth smartphone connectivity through USB.

Aside from that, the infotainment device also includes AUX and Bluetooth connections. A compartment for Qi wireless charging, along with a variety of 12V outlets, conventional power outlets, and additional USB connections for passengers, are available as well. 

Furthermore, things like pulling away from a stoplight or merging onto a motorway are no longer a problem with driving technology features such as a semi-digital gauge cluster, a backup camera with front and rear parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring, and active park assist.

Another plus point for this SUV lies in its hill-start system, with a stop-start system that can help prevent over fuel consumption.


So far, no SUV has surpassed the Ford Expedition in terms of comfort, brakes, or safety features.

The suspension system works in harmony with the anti-lock braking system and 4-wheel power disc brakes, allowing for a smooth transition from regular to sports driving mode.

Meanwhile, Advancetrac regulates the speed fluctuations and balances the skid of this massive truck with its RSC (Rolling Stability Control) technology. Tire pressure is also constantly monitored by the vehicle's Tire Pressure Monitoring System for safer driving.

Ford Expedition Pros And Cons


  • Cavernous interior with plenty of passenger and cargo space

  • Quick acceleration from the strong V6 engine

  • Comfortable front seats

  • Tows more than similarly sized SUVs

  • Great towing capacity and gas mileage for class

  • Straightforward infotainment controls


  • Disappointing real-world fuel economy

  • Large size and slow steering make it cumbersome to drive

  • Stiff ride with 22-inch wheels

  • Some hard plastics in the cabin

Ford Dealers In The Philippines

Final Thoughts

The Ford Expedition 2021 is in no doubt a fantastic large SUV having one of the top performance ratings in the class. So, what else can stop you from jumping right in this have-it-all deal? Hope our post on the Ford Expedition 2021 price Philippines has been a great help for you! To view other options, visit