Honda City Hatchback Review: Is It Your Ultimate Choice?

Updated Jun 14, 2022


Honda Jazz is now a thing of the past. A new generation appeared, inheriting the outstanding features of its predecessor and bringing more surprises to car lovers - Honda City Hatchback. Does it take the user experience to the next level? Look through the Honda City Hatchback review and find the answer.

The Overview Of Honda City Hatchback

Honda launched the City Hatchback as an upgrade to the outdated Jazz models. It retains the same powerful engine and smooth transmission as other variants in the same product line.

Honda City Hatchback Review


Honda City Hatchback Review

Some people notice its resemblance to sedans. However, this car does not have a rear trunk but a folding door. Another obvious difference is the continuously variable transmission.

In the Philippines, it ranks among the most high-end for the mass market. 



Body Type



1.5-liter gasoline I4

Fuel Type



Front-Wheel Drive



Max Output 

119 HP @ 6,600 rpm

Max Torque

145 Nm @ 4,300rpm

Wheel Size

16 in




6 (Driver, Passenger, Side, Curtain)

Honda City Hatchback Price Philippines

It is a pity that the Philippine market only serves one of the Honda City Hatchback variants - RS. Buyers can choose from four various colors, including Brilliant Sporty Blue, Ignite Red Metallic, Platinum White Pearl, and Meteoroid Gray Metallic.

The price range for this model is P1,125,000.00 for only available variants. Among them, the White Pearl model is the most expensive choice.

Honda City Hatchback Review


Honda City Hatchback 2023 has a mature and sporty appearance. Its exterior design resembles a sedan model, such as the Honda Accord. This RS variant is equipped with LED DRLs, LED headlights, and turn signals. The front bumper has a glossy black grille and fog lights.

Honda City Hatchback Exterior

Honda City Hatchback Exterior

Since the B-pillar, the shortened design makes both side profiles elongated and distinctive from the ones available on the market. It impresses car enthusiasts with the low and neat chassis. The hatch of the City is reminiscent of the Audi A1, which sets it apart from other models in its class.

The further you go to the rear, the more obvious the difference becomes with some eye-catching details: a powerful diffuser, LED taillights, and matte black rearview mirrors. The RS-spec rear bumper design comes up with a small windscreen and wipers.


Going inside, The City retains the same luxurious design and cabin layout as the sedan version. The interior furniture is filled with black with some red decorations to alleviate the boredom. The manufacturer chooses chrome plating for the door handles, creating an interesting accent for the overall.

Leather and suede became the first choice to contribute to the car's premium reputation. Some components that apply this intention include the seats, armrests, gear lever, and steering wheel. Notably, the sports grille and height adjuster integrated stimulate your desire to own this model.

In the center position, the analog console serves an 8-inch touchscreen and an 8-speaker system. Besides, a three-spoke steering wheel looks quite trendy and solid.

Honda City Hatchback Interior


Honda City Hatchback Interior

Moving to the rear, we must give a big round of applause for the spacious and comfortable legroom. It is easy to cross your legs without bumping into the front seats. Another plus is that these fold-flat cushions create large storage. However, the ceiling seems low for a comfortable living space right in the car.

In addition, we believe that the Honda City Hatchback interior deserves greater popularity for being full of outstanding features. These include remote start, automatic climate control, sports pedals, etc.

Engine & Performance

Honda City Hatchback engine retains the transmission and handling of its predecessor. However, the performance is more responsive because the CVT always keeps the power at an optimal level.

City Hatch has overwhelming handling ability compared to competitors in the same segment. MacPherson struts at the front, and a torsion beam at the rear allows steady acceleration. When you accelerate, it can reach 25 km/h in the blink of an eye and push up to 80 km/h on highways.

With a maximum power of 121 PS and a maximum torque of 145 Nm, the City is one of the most powerful hatchbacks. On the downside, we appreciate its smooth operation except for annoying noises.

When it comes to Honda City Hatchback fuel consumption, the 1.5 liters aspirated 4-cylinder in-line petrol engine has shown a stable performance since the previous version.


Besides the smooth driving experience, we notice the optimal stability when going by the City due to the G-CON body structure. According to Honda, this design helps protect the occupants in a collision.

Another plus worthy of mention is the 3-point ELR belts for all seats and the ISOFIX brackets. These features guarantee ultimate safety even when traveling with children with six airbags.

Besides, the manufacturer provides several additional options to serve users, including hill-start assist, emergency stop signal, driver's knee support, electric door lock, etc.

Pros & Cons


  • Modern and elegant look
  • High-class furniture with multi-function
  • Spacious and comfortable interior
  • Powerful engine, especially on the highway
  • Smooth handling


  • Noisy engine
  • Impressive street performance
  • Limited variation in the Philippine market


Through the above Honda City Hatchback review, it is easy to see that this car is a worthy investment in terms of quality. Although its price may be a bit higher than other hatchback models on the market, its superiority in features and performance never lets you down.


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Honda City Hatchback Colors -  All Options You Can Consider!

Honda City Hatchback Colors - All Options You Can Consider!

Car price: ₱1,125,000
Editor’s: 4.0/5