Fuel consumption Calculator for cars – Everything You Should Know

Updated Mar 13, 2023

Typically, the car's characteristics will provide complete information about the vehicle, including the gasoline level. However, because it is derived under reference settings, the actual rating may differ.

Instead of depending on the specifications provided by the supplier, let us recommend the most recent and precise method for the fuel consumption calculator

Fuel consumption calculator

Fuel consumption calculator is always the top concern of users

What is the fuel rate for a car?

The “calculate fuel consumption” is a state regulation governing the quantity of waste required to keep a thing running. The automotive gasoline norm is the restriction on a car's required fuel consumption.

The factors required to determine that level are: 

  • Model of an automobile, year of birth, and what type of car?
  • What kind of gasoline does the car run on?
  • How much gasoline is consumed according to the company's design?
  • What is the average car life in kilometers?
  • What is the vehicle's performance on the terrain?
  • What is the fuel consumption coefficient of the car based on its age and terrain?

Legal texts contain regulations on car fuel consumption standards. That is, a decision by the Board of Directors of firms and facilities to issue petrol and oil rules, supported by a petroleum norms spreadsheet.

How to calculate fuel consumption actually

Because there is a disparity between real fuel consumption and the consumption level provided by the company, determining the fuel consumption level is critical.

The steps for calculating fuel usage are as follows:

Step 1: Check before measuring

Checking before measuring fuel use will result in more precise findings. The procedure is straightforward: fill the tank with fuel and shake it to ensure that the gasoline fills the spaces in the tank.

When filling the tank with fuel, the mouth of the tank is often full, but the gaps are still free, allowing the fuel to drain quickly. Shake the tank every 20 seconds to ensure that the fuel is entirely filled.

Step 2: Determine the fuel usage of the car.

After you've filled up the tank, keep track of how many kilometers you've driven up to this point.

Continuing to record the number of kilometers and replace the fuel as before, use up the already poured fuel. Capacity should be recorded based on the number indicated in the fuel pump column.

Step 3: Calculate fuel consumption

How to determine a car's fuel usage for a one-kilometer trip:

Take A/(C - B) and multiply the result by 100 to get the fuel utilized in 100km, which is as follows:

  • A: is the amount of gasoline poured the second time.
  • B: the number of kilometers traveled since the initial refueling.
  • C: the number of kilometers traveled since the second refueling.
  • According to vehicle standards, the standard is 100 liters per kilometer.

The real mileage will be the amount of kilometers traveled by the car between refuelings, or the distance between the first and second refuelings.

For example, A Equals 40 liters of gasoline, B = 4000 kilometers, and C = 4500 kilometers. At that time, the gasoline standard for automobiles will be (40/(4500 - 4000)) * 100 = 8. (liters).

Similarly, you can use it to determine your car's fuel use. From that, you can start working on calculating the Toyota Wigo consumption. 

calculating the Toyota Wigo consumption

Calculate the car fuel rate based on the number of trees traveled when all fuel is consumed

Furthermore, the process of calculating the norm for other trucks and passenger automobiles will be different. Included are: the average norm for one trip, the load allowance, the fuel allowance for stopping and parking, and so on.

This is an example of a Toyota Raize fuel consumption. Toyota Raize has the following fuel consumption, according to the manufacturer:

Fuel Consumption Calculator

Toyota Raize

In urban (L/100km)

8.6 liters/100 km

Outside the city (L/100km)

5.5 liters/100 km

On combined road (L/100km)

6.6 liters/100 km

Toyota Raize has an average fuel consumption of 5.6L/100km. However, the fuel consumption of the Toyota Raize will vary based on the operational conditions and driving skills of the driver. 

Notes and tips to save fuel when traveling by car


You don't have to run out of gas to check a car's fuel level. This can cause damage to your automobile.

To avoid errors in the calculating process, the fuel capacity should be divided at that time. The more the kilometers traveled by the car, the more accurate the fuel consumption calculation findings will be. The above calculation should be applicable to automobiles going on flat terrain, category 1 roads.

If you fill your gas tank based on the price, keep an eye on the rise and fall of gasoline prices. Because of the price discrepancy, you will miscalculate the norm.


Drivers who know how to drive can save a significant amount of fuel. Try the following money-saving driving tips:

  • Increase the speed gradually; abrupt acceleration will cause the engine to work harder, wasting more gasoline.
  • To ensure fuel economy, determine the vehicle's steady speed. The amount of fuel consumed when traveling at regular speed is the least.
  • Keeping the engine rpm between 1300 and 1500 rpm will maximize fuel economy.
  • When driving, try to maintain a constant pace and keep the accelerator pedal equally depressed to save gasoline and make it easier to handle.
  • To reduce fuel consumption, use the air conditioner properly, check the tire pressure, prevent stopping for too long, apply the gas, shift into gear, and so on.

Thus, if the car fuel level is accurately measured, users can save the most money. Furthermore, this is the greatest technique to protect your car engine. 

Hopefully you find this article useful. Hit Philcarprice a visit to learn more useful tips on cars, especially the fuel consumption calculator! 


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