Honda Accord Modified - Full Updated Information

Updated Jun 10, 2022


The Honda Accord was initially launched to the international automobile market in 1976. This sedan model then swiftly dominated the worldwide automotive industry at the time.

Honda Cars Philippines Inc. debuted in the sedan sector by introducing its Honda Accord models, one of the most popular vehicles that achieved popularity, love, and reputation in the Philippines market through decades of face-lift and improvement.

In the Honda Accord modified, Honda still keeps the eye-catching style and compact outlook but changes several specific features, making the new version more attractive.

If you want to find out the updated characteristics of the modified Accord model, let’s scroll down!

Honda Accord Modified 

Paint Job Upgrades

Modified Accord

The Modified Accord Has A Full Black

The first adjustment that you can find in the Accord modified is the paint job. The whole body of the modified Honda Accord is painted dark black, has blacked-out features and removes chrome styling. The automobile receives a unique body package, making it look incredibly athletic and aggressive and completing the design.

Moreover, Honda changed its Accord model by adding aftermarket LED tail lamps and headlamps to bring the ultimate result for the alloy wheels’ look.

The car appears more compact and sporty, so Honda decreases its overall height to fit with this huge outlook. Honda aimed to make all the small details blacked out to run well with the model’s vibe.

Spoiler Upgrades

The next change that appears in the Accord is the spoiler. A large spoiler on the back of the vehicle emphasizes the sporty look that Honda created for the modification. Honda seems to choose the black wing dedicatedly, as it perfectly completes the aggressive and impressive outlook of the Accord. 

The vehicle also equips an LED DRLs kit and a dual exhaust tip in its customized front bumper with a black-colored grille.


Wheels and Tires Upgrades

Honda Accord Modified

Wheels And Tires Are The Huge Changes

The paint job is not the only factor that brings the modified Accord a sporty shape. It turns out that Honda made big changes in the wheels, which play a key role in determining this look.

The manufacturer equipped the old model with factory rims, which have been removed in the later version. Instead, the modified has 19-inch Ferrada Alloy wheels painted in a color scheme of impressive golden bronze.

The proportional standard wheels on this Honda Accord have been replaced with a pair of fat and nasty wheels. Therefore, the wheels seem related to the overall appearance incredibly. 

Besides, you can find some significant changes in the tires. The manufacturer created more spaces so that the tires could be several inches out from the vehicle's body. Honda hid the extra-wide arrangement by providing the car with customized aftermarket fenders on four wheels.

Suspension Upgrades

A few adjustments in the suspension make the modified Accord a bit different from the old one. The vehicle has Airrex USA Digital Air Suspension, which allows drivers to simply regulate the car's ride height according to various road conditions.

When driving on the highway or passing over poorly patchy roads, drivers can use the air suspension to soften the ride and modify its performance to have the best driving experience.


Interiors Upgrades

Interior Accord Modified


Seating areas are softer and blacked-out


Honda also improved the inside by equipping a carbon fiber finish throughout the back compartment for the car. The bespoke seat coverings are designed softly, making them more attractive. 

These coverings also improve the overall comfort for long-distance drivers and prevent rectal and back pain. Ceramic coating was applied to the paint to preserve its overall sheen and quality for long-term usage and avoid color fading.

Engine Upgrades

Engine Accord Modified

The Engine Is Mated To An Auto Transmission

The compact shape makes the Accord look stronger, and the engine inside proves its strength. The modified Honda Accord engine is slightly different because its 2.4-liter i-VTEC engine is linked to an automatic transmission. 

Moreover, Honda offered the model with several differences for the performance upgrades, including a DIA cold air intake, Valvetronic system, and performance exhaust. We haven’t known about the car's actual engine power data yet, but we’ve predicted a ten bhp improvement for the standard output based on the entire configuration.


It is undeniable that the Honda Accord is a great car in the sedan segment. The Honda Accord modified even gets more attractive and convenient with several upgraded features in the alloy wheels, larger tires, Digital Air suspensions, engine, and so on. 

These new characteristics bring a new wave to the famous Accord models, making it more impressive for any driver who wants to purchase this modified version.

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