Honda Brio Modified - What Should You Change?

Updated Jun 09, 2022

Since its 2011 launch date, Honda Brio has become a specialized city vehicle in the Southeast Asian market. It officially entered the Philippine market in September 2014 during an international exhibition. Compact body, design to keep up with the new trend, and affordable price are advantages.

But that's not all; the Honda Brio modified likes the pride of many owners when they bring their stamp. Then, this article will show which parts you can customize when owning this car. Do not miss it if you still want to personalize "your companion"!

Honda Brio Modified: Exterior


Many people will think that spoilers only work to make the cars look cool or recognizable. Nonetheless, its real use is to adjust the air, which increases the vehicle's grip on the road surface when running at high speed.

Honda Brio modified

Honda Brio customized with spoiler added

You might think it is hard to attach it to Brios that do not have a rear tailgate. But instead, you can add or replace it to the rear fender. It makes your automobile look more beautiful and aesthetic than putting it all on the rear and overloading it. 

The price to mount a mid-range spoiler is not too high, about 4,500 Php, to own a cool part that helps adjust the rear airflow.

Paint Job

Honda Brio Philippines was launched with five color options for you to choose from, white, dark gray, red, orange, and yellow. However, you can still change the paint color for it or mix more with existing colors.

For example, you can combine black with your yellow car. This color will suppress the glare of yellow and increase the mystery of the car. You can use this color to cover the roof and front half of the car and create accents right at the wheel rims or taillights to balance the color.

You can refer to paint with carbon fiber, using carbon fibers braided together and glued to the body vehicle like a composite. Its advantage is that it is both lightweight and neatly hugs the car, with a lifespan of over three years. And of course, its price is also a bit higher than conventional paint.

Honda Brio mod

Honda Brio modified

Wheels and Tires

This model is available in 4 variants with two tire and wheel options: 175/65 R14 and 185/55 R15. You can search for equivalent or within acceptable replacements from these fixed parameters to modify your car.

You can choose a wheel color that matches your vehicle color or wheel size. The most preferred colors are black, yellow, and white because they are compatible with more different body colors.

Honda Brio customized tires and wheels bring a sporty, aggressive appearance and increase traction and friction force, especially keeping the automobile safe and stable when going through tight corners. Some cars, after the change, can even accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h faster than usual.

Honda Brio Modified: Interior

If you often drive this car, changing the interior will make you feel more comfortable and convenient. For example, you can add a padded seat or sofa that comes with the name for the front row. It will make your long road trips much more relaxing.

In case you do not need to pick up many people, you can remove the rear seats to replace them with a roll cage. This invention is often used in racing cars to ensure the safety of the people inside when there is a strong collision causing the vehicle to overturn.

Moreover, eliminating the unnecessary rear seats will make your automobile lighter, reduce fuel consumption, and increase operating power.

Honda Brio Modified: Engine

Overall, the Honda Brio engine has more to change than we imagine. First, you can use new software to increase maximum horsepower and torque to replace the ECU. It leads to fast acceleration, efficient fuel use, and controlling emissions into the environment.

Honda Brio engine

Honda Brio engine modified

You can also upgrade performance by installing a suspension with good stability and handling. Like a real off-road vehicle, your car will quickly regain balance when going through bumpy roads.

However, most engine-related changes will cost a lot of money, so they are often the last resort for car owners that there is nothing more to upgrade their companion vehicles.


The advantage of this model is that many improvement options stimulate creativity and honor the individuality of each owner. You can try to customize from the outside, like the spoiler, paint color, wheels, and tires, to the interior and even the engine inside.

Each transformation improves the performance, safety, power, fuel efficiency, and environmental friendliness of this car. 

As a result, the article "Honda Brio modified" on Phil Car Price hopes to have opened a new direction for you to choose the best way to reshape your vehicle.