Honda City Hatchback Modified: Is It Worth A Try?

Updated Jun 13, 2022


Car enthusiasts never stop at the original. They enjoy refurbishing and renovating to express their style or increase performance. The same situation happens with Honda's new launch - the City Hatchback

Is it necessary to replace the existing details with full of amazing features? The answer is YES. Scroll down to see how Honda City Hatchback modified can take your car to the next level.0

Honda City Hatchback Modified: Changes To Consider 


From the outside, experienced experts recommend the installation of carbon fiber for the front hood. Taking the RS model as standard, some exterior details of the lower City version should be reinstalled, including the chrome grille and front bumper. On the downside, you may hardly find it available in the domestic market. We had to wait a while for the import from Thailand.

Carbon fiber is also an essential choice for mirror caps and diffusers, moving towards the side profiles. Besides, we highly recommend brake calipers to reduce wear and tear on expensive City brake units and increase braking efficiency. It is best to consider this modification because it requires some additional add-ons. These include Yokohama AD08R tires and 15-inch “Desmond Regamaster Evo” wheels to accommodate the bigger size of Endless.

Another action to enhance the driving experience is to install additional disc brakes. Feel free to pick from the Honda Civic FD, which has the optimal matching stats.

Do not ignore the rear spoiler and some decorative details on its two corners if you want a unique and good-looking outcome. It helps create a well-balanced ride that is reminiscent of the AMG. Last but not least, the rear diffuser puts a perfect finish to the improved exterior.


Once again, carbon fiber is an integral theme of the Honda City Hatchback custom. First, this premium material comes into play with the steering wheel. 

Currently, this car transformation receives much interest in the driver community. In terms of appearance, it contributes to a luxurious and powerful interior design. Above all, the grip becomes certain, bringing peace of mind when driving.

The replica bucket seats and dashboard-mounted gauges are a worthwhile investment if you care about extras that add convenience to the whole experience. Case in point, the second allows drivers to monitor temperature, humidity, tire pressure, etc., depending on your purpose.

As for in-car adjustment, car enthusiasts often focus on plug-and-play features. However, a small group still applies creativity to some small items to increase comfort. One of the popular options belongs to a footlight system that is a savior for late travels.

In addition, old models are not a thing of the past that stays out of the game till the end. For example, Honda Jazz, the City Hatchback predecessor, may lend you some iconic symbols to gear toward optimization.

It is never a bad idea to illuminate your doorknobs. Needless to say, this small detail forms a delightful characterization of your vehicle and provides surprising benefits in unexpected situations.

Honda City Hatchback Modification: Things To Consider 

We believe that car modification is an interesting process. It makes your vehicle optimal in both looks and handling. However, it would be best if you went through many hesitations and challenges to achieve this goal.

The most important factor is your budget. In fact, we found this task did not finish instantaneously. It involves multiple components and spans various stages. Hence, you should anticipate that you may pay more than the planned amount.

Besides, we must remind you that finding replacement details is never easy. As noted above, some may be imported from foreign markets or be scarce.

Finally, are you experienced enough to handle the entire process? If not, it is best to have a reputable garage responsible for it. Instead of a reckless bet, this measure guarantees output quality.


This article has just shown you how to conduct Honda City Hatchback modified. We believe this process is worth your time and investment. However, there are certain difficulties for your experience as mentioned above. We hope that our intelligence may pay you the way.

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