Honda Civic Type R Modified: Several Great Ideas!

Updated Apr 29, 2022

Honda Civic Type R is well-known for its many special features and innovations that can provide passengers with a relaxing and comfortable drive on every journey. Nevertheless, some people question how they can make this vehicle perform better?

This article will give you detailed information about Honda Civic Type R modified. Let's find out together!

Honda Civic Type R OverviewHonda Civic Type R Overview

Honda Civic Type R Overview

Honda Civic Type R has gained popularity since the brand introduced the recent generation in 2017. Since then, the vehicle has stood out and outdone other competitors many times.

That's why when aiming to update this kind of vehicle; the brand had a suitable way of retaining the light touch and selling to the market some innovative models.

Although it may seem great to have a more aesthetic transformation, people who are delayed by the style of a spaceship are failing to have this opportunity. 

That's because it is among the best hatchback introduced to the public after introducing some models like R26.R. 

One of the most surprising things for drivers and passengers of this vehicle model is that it almost has no compromise. So intense were the Golf and Megane.

Regarding the R26.R, this kind of means of transport has no seats in the back, the rubber used for track day-spec, the deadening sound reduction, as well as plastic windows that are fitted and caged. 

However, this model from the brand does not have these disadvantages. By contrast, it has large back seats, a strong boot, and a great stunning ride.

This model is not the same as a hatchback, but it is absolutely a great machine-powered car for driving by the front wheel.

Honda Civic Type R Modified

Honda Civic Type R Modified

Honda Civic Type R Modified 

Having A Better Ability To Handle From Coilovers 

As you have already known, if you have the 2016-2020 version of this car, its engine cannot be tinkered with. This fact is clear, especially when it comes to a version - the RS because of this transport's turbocharger. 

When you are not sure about what you are doing, you will not mistake it for tuning.

A solution to this problem is customizing the car's rides. And to achieve that, you need to have a group of coilovers. These items can help make the height of your rides lower, which can, in turn, lower the mass center, giving drivers a better handle. 

On top of that, when installing coilovers into your vehicle, the dampening can also be adjusted, which will help your transport be cooler and improve the Honda Civic Type R design.

Sick Wheels

When you buy the vehicle from physical stores, you may notice that the size of the wheels for the Honda Civic S or E is 16-inch, whereas those of the RS are 18-inch. 

In case you want to have a Honda Civic Type R customized with new wheels, read the information below.

In fact, if you need a fitment that is a bit flush, a good option for you is the 17x8 together with the 35mm offset.

However, when you want to own a "hella squat" appearance for your car, installing the 17x8 together with the 40mm offset is recommended.

A Quality Bump Up

Regarding the speakers, these items in this model are quite sounding. If you want to hold a party in the parking lot, you need to upgrade them to become more up-tempo.

That's why it is advisable to install an amplifier and an under-seat subwoofer to help you have a lively atmosphere right in your vehicle.

Rear Dampers

The most common complaint about the original FD2R is the factory dampers that are really super-stiff, particularly when it comes to the rear. This item makes the vehicle become skittish on rough roads. 

So, an approach that you can use here is to use a set of Koni Yellow rear dampers that give you a more comfortable and planted ride when cornering on uneven roads.

Bolt-on Modes

Honda Civic Type R Bolt-on Modes

Honda Civic Type R Bolt-on Modes

Having the appearance and department used for handling customized to the perfect, what you should consider right now is how to open as well as tweak the internals of the 2-liter potent and the 4-cylinder engine, which are put beneath the carbon bonnet.

To do this, it is recommended to put bolted-on mods that can make the engine become "juice".

Lower Oil And Engine Temperature

One way to have Honda Civic Type R modified is to make the engine become cooler. This action, therefore, can enhance the durability of your vehicle during long journeys and in situations that need high speed. 

If you want to do that, you can have some options like Tracy Sports radiator, ARC engine cooling, or Espace Service engine.


This model of the car stands out over other competitors due to its special features and ability. On top of that, the Honda Civic Type R modified also has particular innovations that can make you interested.

Hopefully, our Tips has given you detailed information about the customized version of this vehicle so that you can have some interesting ideas to do with your vehicle.

If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with!