Nissan 370z Modified: What You Can Upgrade For Better Performance

Updated Jul 06, 2022

Nissan 370Zs are fantastic to work on, and you can significantly improve your driving pleasure with the correct upgrades. Nissan took the greatest features from the 350z, considered the criticism, and then created the gorgeous 370z. Learn more about Nissan 370z Modified via this post!

Nissan 370z Modified: Handling


Coilovers are made from an integrated damper with a string looped around them. When it comes to handling, they're among the best 370z mods. The main benefit of the Nissan 370z build to coilovers is that it lowers your ride height while also improving handling.

Lowering your 370z lowers its center of gravity by bringing it closer to the ground and making it become the Nissan 370z top speed. This lead to improved reduced body roll, weight transfer, and maximum traction. 

Nissan 370Z mod

Nissan 370Z modified

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs own a less expensive alternative to coilovers. However, they lack customization. According to the manufacturer's guidelines, these parts are made to fit your existing struts/shocks and lower your automobile. If you want to reduce your stance, which is a great choice, that won't break the wallet to get your Nissan 370z modded. 

Sway bars

Sway Bars are a crucial component of a high-performance vehicle's suspension system, as they connect the left and right sides of the suspension for improved balance and control. You must upgrade your sway bars if you want to reduce the Body Roll of your Nissan 370z because of over-road irregularities or hard cornering.

Nissan 370z modifications

Nissan 370z mod


Besides the obvious aesthetic benefits, selecting the right wheel can significantly impact how your car feels and performs. A wider wheel will allow you to use wider tires, which will result in a greater contact patch and improved road feel and traction.

We recommend 189.5 +15 in the front and 1810.5 +15 in the back for a Street Setup.

We recommend 1810.5 +15 on all four corners for a Track Setup.


Choosing the proper tire can be difficult to consider with so many elements to consider. There are numerous types and sizes of chemicals to consider. Which tire you pick will depend on your driving or the class you plan to run. Recommended Tire Size/Setups:

  • Track Setup: 275/35/18 square on all four corners
  • Street Setup: 245 or 255/40/18 front with 275/40/18 in the rear
  • Street/Track Setup: 265/35/18 front with 285/35/18 in the rear

Nissan 370z custom

Nissan 370z customized


Brake Pads: Several pads have a great initial bite. However, since the pads heat up, the bite fades. Others take a bit longer to start before performing better in hotter environments. You want a quality pad for a car moderate for the track to handle the heat and perform well in most conditions. An OEM pad probably performs admirably on the road, but when it is heated up, it might be hazardous on the track!

Brake Fluid: Your brake fluid isn't meant to withstand extreme temperatures. It is more likely to degrade faster, resulting in brake line anomalies and air bubbles. This can sometimes be problematic because it will impair your much-needed braking ability. Considering modifying your Brake Fluid is a good idea.

Stainless Steel Lines: As the brake fluid heats up, your stock rubber brake lines will feel mushy while braking. Even as the fluid temperature rises, switching to a good Stainless Steel Brake Line arrangement will lead to a more constant and solid brake feel. 

Nissan 370z Modified: Performance

Cold Air Intake

One of the simplest ways to increase torque, power and fuel mileage is to replace the factory airbox system. Increasing the amount of air in the combination for combustion produces more power while using less fuel. 

This improved "combustion efficiency" results in more torque and horsepower while utilizing the same quantity of fuel. Said, adding oxygen to fire will make it more powerful. Cold Air Intake systems are equipped to give more cold air to the Nissan 370z engine instead of a standard air intake system.

Aluminum Radiators

Compared to the factory radiator, aluminum radiators are the greatest approach to enhancing cooling. They're not only lighter but also free of the difficulties that come with epoxy bonding and plastic tanks to the radiator core. Most vitally, the aluminum radiators outperform the OEM plastic radiators in strength and efficiency.

Oil Coolers

We've discovered that oil temperatures on the 370z tend to climb quickly. We strongly advise installing an excellent Oil Cooler in your vehicle to combat this.

Nissan 370z modified

A modified Nissan 370z performs 750hp


Nissan 370z Modified: Cosmetic Mods

Front splitter

The distinction between practical and aesthetic aero is hazy. Because of the downforce, some enthusiasts believe that their cars are more stable at high speeds than at low speeds when fitted with a large rear wing.

While this does not always work, it is evident that well-designed rear wings can be stunning. So don't allow peer pressure to stop you from getting one for your 370z. It's your car, and you have complete control over it.

Front Splitter & Rear Diffuser

You may increase the aggressive nature of your Nissan 370z with modest aesthetic alterations like a front splitter and rear diffuser. Combining these cosmetic upgrades with taste, you'll have a stunning Nissan 370z custom to drive daily!


Few of us have the financial means to spend five figures on a project car overnight. You'll want to prioritize some upgrades over others to get the most out of your money. If you're on a budget but want to purchase all 370z accessaries that brand provides, you can refer to this Nissan 370z Modified post.

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