Toyota Highlander Modified: Upgrade Your Experience

Updated Jul 13, 2022

The Toyota Highlander is an amazing car - an SUV that is great for packing in the family and going off-road. It’s great at what it does, but it does have a few flaws which leave some people looking for a better car. The good news is that there are several great upgrades to get your Toyota Highlander modified besides just changing Toyota Highlander colors. This blog will cover the best upgrades for the Toyota Highlander.

Toyota Highlander modification

Modified Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander Modified: Floor Mats & Liners

Kick your shoes and bathe in style with a Highlander All-Weather Floor Mats that protect your flooring from grit and debris. Choose between carpeted or all-weather rubber options, whichever best suits your needs and personal preferences.

Protect your vehicles' floors and carpets from mud, dirt, and everyday wear and tear with Highlander All-Weather Floor Mats, which are designed to be resistant to both water and mildew, enabling you to use them in a variety of situations. 

Take out your mat, and you'll see how easy it is to remove dirt, leaves, and other debris from the surface. When you are done with your modified Toyota Highlander off road, you can always store your mat and place it in the closet until you're ready for another use.

Toyota Highlander Modified: Car Bras

A Toyota Highlander car bra is the best way to protect your vehicle’s finish and good looks. Sand damage is especially harmful to paint, so keep your front end safe from all of it with a Toyota Highlander car bra! 

The Toyota Highlander car bra is a custom fit for your vehicle, making it easy to install. Made from high-quality nylon, the Highlander car bra will last long. The Toyota Highlander car bra doesn’t need to be removed when the vehicle is used for off-roading.

customized Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander customized


Toyota Highlander Modified: Trailer Hitches

Throwing elderly Highlander after elderly Highlander under the bus is a favorite pastime of kids and teens in the backseat. Still, you can rest assured knowing with a modified custom Toyota Highlander trailer hitch that your trusty towing companion will always come out unscathed from even the toughest travels. After all: there’s no Highlander more handsome than our latest model—and no Highlander more nimble for navigating tricky roads either.

Toyota Highlander Modified: Cargo & Trunk Liners

You should have cargo liners and trunk protectors for your Highlander to keep it looking great long after bringing home your newest treasures from across the country. 

​​These ones are important for your car. They have what it takes to take care of whatever you carry from the grocery store back home or anything else you might end up transporting when driving a Toyota Highlander, which is why they’re extremely important to consider and get along with any vehicle you drive.


The cargo liners are designed to protect your Highlander's interior from dirt, mud, water, and other road hazards. They're also non-slip and easy to clean, so you'll be spending less time cleaning your Highlander and more time enjoying it!

Toyota Highlander Modified: Pet Travel

Our love for our pets doesn’t just stop when they are taken out of the house and put into the car. It is often difficult to find reliable pet travel accessories for any pet owner on the road today as there are so many questionable quality products available over the internet. 

Still, Toyota Highlander Pet Travel Accessories will help ensure you can take your furry friends with you wherever you go if need be. Unleash your love for adventure and discover our selection of pet travel accessories!

Toyota Highlander custom

If you have pets, you can mod your seat like this


Toyota Highlander Modified: Nerf Bars & Running Boards

Upgrade your Toyota Highlander with a dramatic design update complete with black, chrome, and stainless nerf bars or running boards. Whether you're looking for classic, updated, or something completely new, we have what you need!


The Toyota Highlander is a great vehicle to start with when looking to modify. With the right upgrades, you can make the Highlander even better than it already is. 

We hope this blog post will give you some ideas on the best options to choose from when getting the Toyota Highlander modified. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave us a comment. Thank you for reading Phil car price!