Honda Jazz Vs Honda Brio - Which Is Better?

Updated Jun 13, 2022

Honda Jazz and Honda Brio are two prominent Honda automobiles in recent years. Because they both have excellent reputations, choosing between them is not a simple task.

If the Honda Jazz is at the "top" in terms of sales, the Brio is equally welcome in the market. Both models have advantages. Scroll down to learn more about the Honda Jazz vs Honda Brio clash!




Honda Jazz 

Honda Jazz Philippines

Honda Jazz

Few would argue that the Honda Jazz 2023 is one of the company's most renowned vehicles in the Philippines, and it has been favored by many after its introduction over a decade and a half ago. Honda has managed to keep the weird tiny hatchback's appearance untouched from its first appearance here in 2001. Although it was not the company's most profitable model in the Philippines, Jazz was able to keep a big number of motorists, and car enthusiasts thrilled about all it had to offer.

The Jazz underwent a mid-life refresh in 2017, which included the addition of a new version named the "RS" to the roster. Honda's acronym for "Road Saling" was RS.

The Honda Jazz is up against a slew of competition, yet it manages to maintain consumers' interest without a hitch.


Honda Brio

Honda Brio Philippines

Honda Brio 


The Honda Brio has grown into one of the country's most attractive hatchbacks since its debut in 2014. The charming little hatch served for a long time until being superseded in 2019 by its successors, one of them being a redesigned and sporty-looking Brio. The new Honda Brio gets gorgeous and more powerful, but it also has a more competent powertrain than the old one.


Honda Jazz Vs Honda Brio




The Honda Brio is priced at ₱610,000 - ₱735,000 in the Philippines, while the Honda Jazz 2023 is valued at ₱843,000 - ₱1.09 Million.


Interior & Features

The cabin is quite roomy regarding Honda Jazz specs and accommodates legroom and luggage capacity regarding Honda Jazz specs. The wheelbase of 2530mm and the 384-liter cargo capacity appear to carry all your luggage for road trips.

The automobile does not have leather upholstery, but the black fabric is comfy and appealing. Automatic windows are included as default, as is auto up/down for the user.

The freshness of the revamped Honda Brio can also be found inside the hatchback. Like Honda Jazz, you'll find a dark-themed interior in the Brio, with orange highlights and a steering wheel with audio controls. 

The area inside the Honda Brio has increased thanks to a longer wheelbase of 2,405 mm, despite being shorter than Honda Jazz, still allowing the hatch to have more legroom and trunk capacity.



Honda Jazz exterior

Honda Jazz exterior


The Honda Jazz has unrivaled styling to its reputation. The grille features chrome outlining, which distinguishes it from the majority of the automobiles in its class. Two character lines run from the car's side profile, giving it a powerful appearance despite the lack of significant wheel arches. 

Even the alloy wheels have variable color tones, with the Gloss Black of the RS model being the most appealing. In lower trims, the side turn indicators are incorporated into the fenders, whereas in later trims, they are integrated into the ORVMs.


While the previous-generation vehicle appeared to be a charming little hatchback, the new Brio is edgier and sporty. Multi-reflector halogen headlights flank a chrome grille on the front fascia. However, compared to the competitor, the Honda Brio is less attractive to sports cars and speed enthusiasts.

Honda Brio exterior

Honda Brio exterior

Ride & Handling

Talking about Honda Jazz, the engine beneath the hood consumes less fuel. The installation of cruise control improves the comfort of traveling on highways. One of the most prominent features of the vehicle is an "ECON" button, which activates the vehicle's economical side, allowing the driver to save a significant amount of gasoline by adjusting the throttle response and gearbox.

In terms of the Honda Brio, it is simple to maneuver in congested streets because of its tiny proportions. Moreover, the tiny proportions have no effect on interior comfort. Then there are adequately sized tires that provide great stability and control, which is further supported by an electronic power steering system that works in tandem with the comfy seats inside the interior to provide a nice journey.


Braking & Safety

The most important safety technology is preventing the hatch from rolling back while starting uphill. Nevertheless, these two characteristics and the rear parking camera with guidance are only available on the highest models. The generousness of the airbags is also one of the Jazz's most essential safety features. 

The Japanese hatchback is improved the car's braking capability even further. Other safety devices on the Honda Brio are twin airbags, a keyless ignition technology, and a seatbelt warning on the side of the vehicle. Lastly, Honda's G-Force Control body construction provides a robust basis for the Brio.

Both cars' braking and safety systems are really advanced and will satisfy automotive enthusiasts. The two automobiles do not win or lose in this battle.


Honda Jazz vs Honda Brio: Which Is Better?

Honda Brio vs Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz vs Honda Brio

Overall, the Honda Jazz is an excellent combination of convenience and room. Suppose you are among those seeking the same bundle. Although the price is a little more, it is well worth it.

The modern Honda Brio is a pretty beautiful hatchback that competes well with its competitors in the market. The installation of a few extra creature comforts and safety devices would have greatly expanded the new Brio's armament. Nonetheless, the Honda Brio is a robust, dependable, and economical Japanese hatchback.

Each vehicle type has its own set of benefits that cater to the various demands of clients. We can't say which automobile is superior because it depends on what you expect from your future car.

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Final Thoughts

All above is information comparing Honda Jazz vs Honda Brio. These vehicles have their own advantages and are well-liked by clients of all ages. 

We can not conclude which car is superior and the decision may also depend on your budget as the two cars' price is different, however, if you are planning to buy a car in the future, Honda Brio vs Honda Jazz is worthy options to consider. If you need more information about the car market, then visit the Philcarprice.


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