Honda Brio Specs And Comparison - All Latest Details 2023

Updated Jun 10, 2022

If you are an auto lover and adore exploring engine details, the latest updates on Honda Brio Specs will be great news. Normally, you can only find a small part of the specs in the reviews, but you will get the most comprehensive review information in this article. Continue to explore the most details in the following section!

Honda Brio 2023 Overview

This famous brand from Japan is an extremely prominent name in the Philippine market. Although Honda's small hatchback is in the entry-level segment they produce, they are always mentioned as affordable yet good quality in the car reviews.  

The Honda Brio is produced in three variants (S MT, V CVT, and RS CVT) and a Black Top option for the RS variant. The variant type will decide whether the engine is an Earth Dreams CVT or a five-speed manual. An equally outstanding aspect of this model is its fuel economy and reliable specifications. 

Perhaps these few overview lines have brought you excitement with this hatchback. Refer to the sections below to go into more details!

Honda Brio specifications

Honda Brio 2023 Philippines

Honda Brio Specs 2023 In The Philippines

Refer to the detailed table below to get an overview of the specifications and key features of this Honda Brio

Body Type







Manual, CVT

Wheel Base

2405 mm




Front-Wheel Drive


Bluetooth, USB

Front/Rear Parking Sensors

Not Available




Disc & Drum

Honda Brio Philippines Review

Chassis, Platform, And Powertrain

HondaBrio applies the G-CON bodywork to its latest version to ensure the best performance. The wheelbase of this hatchback is also slightly longer to create stability and provide more space.

To help you get the most comprehensive assessment of the above factors, please refer to the details of the chassis, platform, and powertrain below:



City Car

Body Style

Five-Door Hatchback

Honda Brio Dimensions

Height: 1485 (mm)

Length: 3815 (mm)

Width: 1680 (mm)




Honda B-Segment 



Front-Wheel Drive



Power Output

89 (HP)

110Nm torque


Engine And Fuel Consumption

The driving performance of this model is strong handling because of the front-wheel-drive systems that the talented Japanese manufacturer has integrated. This model's light chassis and small wheelbase make the drivability performance outstanding.

For good execution on both the highway and the city, it is necessary to mention a great contribution from the 1.2-liter engine and two types of transmission.

Note that if the version is the Honda Brio manual, you will get a five-speed. On the other hand, if the version is Honda Brio automatic, you will have a CVT integrated.

The Honda Brio engine is a 1.2-liter petrol motor and has four cylinders. This engine part is inherited from previous models to apply to this model. The greatest power created by this engine is 90PS, and 110Nm of the highest torque.

Honda Brio power

Honda Brio engine

Safety, Technology Features

This small hatchback offers optimal safety measures for occupants with airbags for both driver and the passengers, security alert, ABS brakes, a keyless entry technique, seat belt reminders, etc.

This model has a screen system up to 7 inches combined with 6 or 4 speakers. You can comfortably connect USB and Bluetooth to play the music you love. Besides, from the 1.2V variant onwards, the car is equipped with a speed sensor door, and in the RS variant, there is also an electric fold side mirror. 

Compare Specs With Competitors

Honda Brio vs Toyota Wigo

These two models have quite a clear difference in engines and specifications. With Wigo, the parameters are 1.0-liter capacity, three cylinders, 89Nm of torque, 65HP, four-speed automatic, and five-speed manual transmission. 

In contrast, HondaBrio owns a 1.2-liter engine, four cylinders, 110 Nm of torque, 89 HP, a five-speed manual, and an extremely modern CVT.

As well as the differences just mentioned, the most outstanding point to decide the victory of the HondaBrio is that the more recent transmission of this hatchback is much newer than that of their Wigo rival.  

Honda Brio specs

Honda Brio specifications

Honda Brio vs Suzuki Swift

Although it has the same displacement as a 1.2-liter gasoline engine, Swift is K12M Inline-4, and HondaBrio is L12B- i-VTEC Inline-4. The most prominent point of competition between these two lines is that while the HondaBrio produces 89 HP and 110 Nm, the Suzuki Swift only produces a maximum capacity of 82 HP and 113 Nm.

The final evaluation element that gives the Brio a certain advantage is the continually variable transmission, while the Swift uses five-speed. 



Overall, Honda Brio specs do not disappoint us because the aspects of parameters, engine performance, and handling are completely qualified in the hatchback segment. This model is a great choice for those who own it for the first time but want a good engine.

If you are still confused about this car, you can confidently decide after this article. Hope you have a good choice by using Phil Car Price

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