Honda Brio Colors - A Popular Hatchback Design

Updated Jun 09, 2022

Color of a car is an aspect that need to be considered when purchasing a new one. If you are fond of Honda Brio and has intention to buy it, then scroll down for a detailed post about Honda Brio colors. Looking carefully and choosing the right hue for yourself.


The Honda Brio 2023 price Philippines is available in five different shades. Their prices vary from 610,000 to 735,000 pesos. Check our following table to learn about all price ranges with your favorite colors.




Available Colors

1.2 S Manual Transmission

610,000 Pesos

Taffeta White, Modern Steel Metallic, Rallye Red

1.2 V CVT

680,000 Pesos

Carnival Yellow, Taffeta White, Modern Steel Metallic, Rallye Red

1.2 RS CVT

730,000 Pesos

Taffeta White, Modern Steel Metallic

1.2 RS Black Top CVT

735,000 Pesos

Phoenix Orange Pearl, Carnival Yellow, Taffeta White,

Honda Brio Colors

So, among those varieties of paint choices, which one should you pick for your car? You must make a good decision to select the best, most attractive automobile appearance yet fit your daily style. 

We will help you learn to pick the most suitable Honda Brio 2023 color in the following review!

Honda Brio Red

Honda Brio colors

Rallye Red

If you're looking for a vibrant and one-of-a-kind color, you should consider the Rallye Red option. The color's noticeable twilight effect can be seen, and the texture elevates its classy look. The first paint choice will improve its owner's stylish appearance with this combination.

Because of the strong characteristics of the SUV model, the vehicle has an impression of a tough and muscular crossover. You can add more toughness to the car by using the red color option. Also, it will never be a waste of this paint choice.

It looks fantastic when combined with its exterior, wheel rims, bumper, and grille.

Honda Brio Yellow

Yellow automobiles are the most valuable, with a higher resale than the average. Yellow vehicles are also less prevalent, increasing demand and ensuring sustainable value.

Honda Brio colors

Carnival Yellow

Our data showed that yellow automobiles depreciate the least of any shade for lower-volume autos as it has the lowest depreciation rate among popular body types such as SUV. 

Owners choosing this paint for their automobiles are more likely vigilant and cautious on the highway due to the association between intellect and yellow. Given their desire to assist others, they will be the first to press the brake if others need assistance.

Honda Brio Gray

The softest automobile color available will be Modern Steel. Its paint creates a glittering yet pleasant look on the car, making it more appealing. A nice aspect of this paint option is you cannot notice any dirt appearing on the automobile.

Honda Brio colors

Modern Steel Metallic

People who are more one with a natural personality will likely enjoy this painting choice. It represents calm and peacefulness to the owner as a most simple and decent automobile shade. The shade is unique as it is not similar to the original gray you used to see in other rivals’ cars.

According to experts in car trend research, gray paint has gained more popularity over the years. The gray color on cars has surpassed white to be the most preferred, including steel or pearl variations.

Honda Brio White

Among the most attractive automobile paints is the Taffeta White. On this hatchback type, the paint option provides charm and gracefulness to the car. The shade bursts out to draw the interest of those who come close to observing it, thanks to the nature of the white paintwork.

Honda Brio colors

Taffeta White

It can be a decent option for your car as it offers a pure and calm feeling within the color. White is also an ideal and the safest color to choose when you have no favorite in mind. It is a bright automobile paint option that is pure and calm, making your car more appealing.

Honda Brio Orange

Orange is considered a happy, energetic shade that improves the atmosphere and communicates emotional affection. It represents connection, stability, and a happy getaway from the monotony of daily life.

Honda Brio colors

Phoenix Orange Pearl

Employees would love to unwind after facing a computer monitor after one hard day by glancing at an orange automobile. Moreover, kids would put off their minds. The shade will rejuvenate them and set their brains on music.

Orange can also be a strong expression when surrounded by randomly manufactured compact automobiles. It shines out well without causing any conflicts. The color brings positive and enjoyment to a car. Children also prefer bright orange paint.

Orange is perfect if you plan to drive your family in the backseat quite often.


Whether you’re looking for a low-cost hatchback or prefer a distinctive design, this new car is your ideal choice that includes everything you need. If one of the Honda Brio colors suits your personality, don’t hesitate to take it home. 

Every day, the car you step in should enlighten and bring you joy. Please make your time to notice Philcarprice upcoming reviews, and thank you for reading!

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