Honda Pilot Review: Is Honda Pilot Good?

Updated Jul 15, 2022

The Honda Pilot is a full-size SUV popular with families looking to go on vacation. This model seats up to 5 people, has unique features inside the cabin, and has a new alternative fuel option. The Pilot is one of the highest-rated SUVs on the market, but some things make it a bad choice for some people. Read our Honda Pilot review before deciding if it's the right SUV for you.

Honda Pilot review Philippines

Honda Pilot 

Honda Pilot 2023: Overview  

Honda, a Japanese car producer that was once one of the three largest, joined the luxury departments of cars with its consent to manufacture an Accord series. 

As you might have suspected, the new Honda Pilot isn’t all that different from earlier models. Competing vehicles like the Toyota Highlander and Hyundai Palisade offer more interesting designs. Still, they maintain a sense of style and grace. 

The updated 2023 Pilot will be a solid choice if reliability and comfort are top priorities. Still, if you’re looking for a vehicle with features that feel current, we recommend choosing something else.

Honda Pilot Review 


Honda Pilot exterior

Honda Pilot exterior

Honda Pilot 2023 dimensions measure quite a large car, with the exact length being 4991 mm, the width being 1996 mm, and the height measuring 1793 mm. 

These measurements make the new SUV take up a fair amount of space on the road, but they help ensure it can carry large loads without problems! 

This car can roll along on 2819 mm worth of clearance with 185 mm allocated to ground clearance, more than enough for any rough terrain. 

The car's exterior incorporates LED headlamps with daytime running lights, an antenna, and aluminum 18-inch wheels. Although the back end appears to be comparable, separate tail lamps have been added.


The Honda Pilot interior is not just elegant, but it also boasts plenty of storage space and excellent seating alternatives. That's in addition to its lockable compartments and spacious trunk that carry up to 305 liters. 

The audio system comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities as well as a friendly user interface so you can control it at your fingertips while having fun on your planned drive. 

Honda Pilot interior

Honda Pilot interior

Thanks to the triple-zone automatic air conditioning interior, you'll have no trouble finding something comforting on your way!


Under the hood of the new Pilot SUV is a V6 engine driven by Earth Dreams Technology.  With this innovative all-wheel-drive system and VCM deviation technology, the car uses less gas and puts out less CO2. 

This is because the engine can adapt and change its output based on how much power is needed and the driving conditions.

Honda Pilot engine

Honda Pilot engine

The car's 284 horsepower, 353 foot-pounds of torque, and performance enable it to traverse various terrain types comfortably.

Safety & Technology

The Pilot model offers an array of safety features. Aside from its functional styling and spacious interior, it includes all the crucial equipment you'll need in a family SUV. 

The vehicle is reliable, comfortable, and full of fantastic safety features available in a wide range of models to suit your needs. 

Many features are Blind Spot Monitoring, Cross-Traffic Alert, Knee Bolster Side Airbag, ABS with EBD and HSA (placed on both the front and rear brakes), Multi-view Reverse Camera, VSA, Lane Departure Warning, and Lane Keep Assist.

It's like driving an Accord. There are no blind spots or poor vision lines. The light, responsive steering will help you avoid accidents. It may need modest adjustments when pushed because its suspension isn't as rigid as other automobiles on the road.

Honda Pilot Pros & Cons

The cabin of the Honda Pilot is wide and adaptable, with a compliant ride and easy operation in most conditions. It's also more fuel-efficient than most rivals, with various smart storage spaces. 

This model has some flaws. First, it's more expensive than comparable SUVs. The overly sensitive adaptive cruise, as well as collision warning system, may anger some. Third-row seats are tiny, so adults may not be comfortable on extended trips.


The Honda Pilot is a great family vehicle and a safe choice with various features for you to enjoy. With our Honda Pilot review, we hope you are able to make the best choice for your house. 

If you have any further questions regarding the automobile, please contact us - anytime. Thank you for reading!


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Honda Pilot Specs: Everything You Need To Know

Honda Pilot Specs: Everything You Need To Know

Car price: ₱1,992,000
Editor’s: 4.0/5
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