Check Out All Suzuki Vitara Colors Available In The Philippines Market Right Now!

Updated Jun 22, 2022

Like clothes, shoes, etc., cars are an accessory that we use to wear on the outside. That is why people love choosing a color for their cars, taking color as one of the purchasing factors to decide whether they should get the car. 

If Suzuki Vitara is your favorite vehicle that you intend to buy shortly, check out our list of Suzuki Vitara colors. Let’s help you decide which color will suit you best and the meaning behind every color’s choice!

Suzuki Vitara Overview

There is a new subcompact crossover in the Philippines, the new Suzuki Vitara. As the new Vitara is produced under “4th-generation”, it inherits a much smarter upgrade than its ancestor. 

The exterior is sleek with LED lights, a big grille, and cool bumpers. On the inside, it has a beautiful dark-colored theme, which is easy to clean and stay classy. Many technologies and safety features help drivers and passengers have the best time driving with Suzuki Vitara.

Under the large hood is the powerful 1.6-liter engine, which produces up to 115 hp and 156 Nm of torque. With a 6-speed automatic transmission, these features can help Vitara perform strongly and drive fast on any road condition. And of course, price of a Suzuki Vitara is extremely affordable!

Suzuki Vitara color

Suzuki Vitara colors

Suzuki Vitara Colors

There are four colors available for the Suzuki Vitara colors chart. Two monotone ones are Cool White Pearl, Galactic Gray Metallic and two two-tone ones are Bright Red + Cosmic Black Pearl Metallic, Solar Yellow Pearl Metallic + Cosmic Black Pearl. Let’s discover these colors in detail so you will know which color would suit you best:

Suzuki Vitara White

White has always been a classic car color, and that is why Suzuki Vitara Cool White is one of the best color selections for this car breed. This color makes the vehicle bright and clean among all other cars, and it makes all the exterior details on the car vivid and pop out. 

white Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara Cool White Pearl

If you are afraid of the white color getting dirty easily, don’t worry. The white material of Vitara allows it to be cleaned effortlessly when there is dust, mud, or water sprayed on it. It is a Cool White, so it is not entirely too white for imperfections to hit remarkably on.

One more advantage of the white color in the car is that scratches will be hard to be seen compared to others, so if you are unlucky to have a few slight crashes, the minor points will not be shown clearly.

White is the color of purity, matching both females and males. This shade is never outdated, so grabbing a Suzuki Vitara white will be a wise choice for those who want their vehicles to stay high-fashion all the time. 

Suzuki Vitara Red

It is an excellent color choice for those who want their crossover to be enlightened and popped out among the rest vehicles on the street - Suzuki Vitara Bright Red. 

As its name stated, this is a bright, vibrant red vehicle that surely will make you go wow because of its appearance. However, consider that this red is not the bright, cherry red you might think of, but instead, an extremely modern and new 2023 red. 

red Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara Bright Red + Cosmic Black Pearl Metallic

For drivers who are scared about their vehicles not getting seen at night, getting a Suzuki Vitara Bright Red will guarantee all nearby drivers will beware of that car. 

This makes such an advantage for those who regularly drive in the dark scene, in which the bright color can help them be aware all the time. 

Both men and women fancy red, so it is such a cool unisex color to get for their car. And last but not least, red is the color of luck in Asian culture, so if you are looking for some luck for driving and traveling, getting a Suzuki Vitara red sounds like a truthful wish!

Suzuki Vitara Yellow

If you also fancy hot colors but already have a red car, or are tired of having the ordinary red car color, here is another competitor on the way called Suzuki Vitara Solar Yellow. 

Yes, you hear it right, it’s yellow for your car. It’s unlikely to see a yellow car nowadays, so if you want your crossover to stand out, be looked at, and cared for by other vehicles on the street, the Suzuki Vitara Solar Yellow can make your dreams come true!

yellow Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara Solar Yellow Pearl Metallic + Cosmic Black Pearl

The cute, warm yellow color makes your crossover look like a small Bumblebee version from Transformer. However, its color also makes a disadvantage when scratches can easily be seen; the bright, cheerful colors may fade away soon due to weather conditions.

It is still an exotic color to go for if you want to have a new wind to your garage!

Suzuki Vitara Gray

And last but not least, the cool-toned Suzuki Vitara Galactic Gray Metallic is for those who love their vehicle to be simple yet stylish and never go out of style. This car is elegant and chic for both men and women to drive in style with the shining silver polish. 

gray Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara Galactic Gray Metallic

Like the white color, silver cars can never go out of date. So, if you don’t like black on your cars, and white is too “bright” to get dirty, then a gray metallic Vitara will become the choice you can’t resist!

And unfortunately, Suzuki Vitara blue is not available in the Phillipines. 


And that’s all we have on the insightful list of Suzuki Vitara colors. You can find all these color options when buying Suzuki Vitara in the Philippines. Feel free to take time and consideration to get the car’s color you want the most.

Thank you for reading this article, and we will see you soon in the next one on Car Price Philippines!

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