Suzuki Vitara Specs - How Good Is It?

Updated Jun 22, 2022

Suzuki is such a famous car brand worldwide, especially in the Philippines. That is why Suzuki Vitara is one of the most famous cars in the meantime, but people often lack information about Vitara's details.

In this article, let's explore Suzuki Vitara specs to determine whether this car is a good match for you and your family!

Suzuki Vitara specifications

Suzuki Vitara 

And now, let's discover the details in Suzuki Vitara specs, including the exterior, interior, technology, and safety features, and its engines/performance.

Suzuki Vitara Specs: Dimensions and Seating Capacity


Body Type


No. of Seats


Overall dimensions

4,175 mm

1,775 mm

1,610 mm


2.500 mm

Wheels and Tire

17" Alloy Wheels & 215/55 R17

Fuel tank capacity

47 liters 


Suzuki Vitara's exterior has huge lighting highlights on the top trim level: the LED projector headlamps and daytime running light. However, you cannot get these dim features in other exteriors, as they only provide projector halogens. 


There are various color schemes to choose from, including monotone and two-toned. Each color will have a different color roof to match it for boosted exterior appearance. 

Suzuki Vitara dimension

Suzuki Vitara exterior

Suzuki Vitara dimensions are 4175mm L x 1775mm W x 1610mm H, which is quite big to run and drive. 

Vitara's interior is considered sporty and youthful, so its inner atmosphere can cheer the driver and passengers up while driving. It has a dark-colored interior, with Suzuki Vitara seating capacity of 5 up to five people on leather seats. 

It is truly a traveling car as the cargo space is extremely spacious, especially when folded up the three behind chairs, which can be up to 375-liters. There is also a sunroof exclusively in the GLX variant, and there is a clear option for the sun passing through when it is cloudy as it is panoramic. 

Suzuki Vitara Specs: Engine 


Fuel Type





All-Wheel Drive

Engine type

M16A, 16 -Valve DOHC


1586 cc

Max torque

Max power

156 Nm @ 4400rpm

115 hp @ 6000rpm


The Suzuki Vitara engine is not so impressive, as it only has a 1.6-liter M16 engine resulting in 156 Nm of torque and 115 hp in power. The car assists the driver in stopping safely with the installment of a ventilated disc at the front and a solid disc on the rear side.

As for suspension, you can find the MacPherson struts up front paired setup, which is responsible for coil springs, and there is a torsion beam at the back of the car. Wheels come in as 432 polished alloy tires, whose power comes in strongly to drive you safely and fast. 

Suzuki Vitara engine

Suzuki Vitara engine

Driving with Vitara is easy and predictable, as they include linear acceleration only. However, a delay in the flooring gas pedal can be detected with the 6-speed transmission.

Suzuki Vitara Specs: Technology And Safety

There are various technological features in both variants of Suzuki Vitara, including electronically-fold mirrors and daytime running light. 

To make drivers navigate and connect to the world while driving, a modern 254mm infotainment system is included, which includes all sorts of connectivity like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Other features are an automatic push-start button for key entry, audio, and climate control. With such a low Suzuki Vitara 2023 price Philippines, you obviously get more than what you pay!

Airbags are equipped in dual front, side, and curtain areas in the interior in the GLX variants. 

Manufacturers have attributed an electronic stability program and a pedal release system to avoid brakes' sudden movement during crashes to stabilize the wheels. And finally, parking sensors and reversed cameras are there to help you park smartly. 






Front Parking Sensors


Rear Parking Sensors



USB, Bluetooth and Wifi

*Depending on variant


3 Years (100,000 km)


And that's everything we need to know about Suzuki Vitara specs. There are a lot of features you need to be aware of for this new car so that you can make a wise decision before purchasing this vehicle for your garage. 

Thank you for reading, and we will catch up with you later in the next article on!

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