Toyota Highlander Review Philippines - A Detailed View

Updated Jul 12, 2022

Toyota Highlander 2023 is among one of the most popular cars for people in the world because of its particular features and special innovations.

And in this Toyota Highlander review, we will give you detailed information about this kind of transport to help you gain a clearer look at it. Let's get started!

Overview Of Toyota Highlander

For the size, it is mid-size and has three rows of seats that can hold a medium number of passengers.

Toyota Highlander review Philippines

Toyota Highlander 

This car was produced by a famous car brand - Toyota and was first introduced in a garage show in New York in April 2000 before selling in Japan and North America. Up till now, this transport has gained a remarkable ubiquity in Japan particularly and in the world generally.

This car has many special features that will satisfy all customers, such as comfortable seats and great ride quality combined with a strong V6 engine.

This car deserves the top place on your list for all of these features when wanting to buy a medium-sized crossover.


This is the newest version from the renowned brand. Depending on the types of transport you want to buy, each has a different price. Let's find out below!

Toyota Highlander Specs

This transport consists of many specifications that can give you a stunning impression from the first look.

The first special feature is the large seating capacity. In fact, the transport can hold up to 7 people. Another specification is the 4-hybrid engine type that can give you a fast and comfortable drive on long journeys.

Regarding Toyota Highlander dimensions, the car is 1730mm height, 4950mm length, and 1930mm width. 

Moreover, the transport also has ABS brakes that can increase the level of safety when driving. 

Last but not least, with a large fuel tank ability, this could help you save a lot of money and also reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

Toyota Highlander \

Toyota Highlander exterior

Toyota Highlander Review


This car has many versions with four different colors and features regarding its exterior. 

For example, drivers can have a warm feeling like you are at home with the green and brown versions. Moreover, the trim with silver color will increase the richness of the transport as well as provide a mental-like feeling for people when looking or touching it.

You can also feel a sense of redwood across the vehicle's dashboard.

The transports also have two versions of seats, including SofTex vinyl upholstery seats and yellow soft leather seats, which can be suitable for all passengers.


Toyota Highlander interior

Toyota Highlander interior

There are small and not quite spacious seats in the third row. This small space can trigger some discomfort for passengers.

The second-row seats are suitable for both adults and teenagers. Additionally, passengers can also adjust the height of the seats to provide more space for their legs.

In the upfront, you can also do the same thing, which can make you feel more comfortable on every trip.

Engine/ Performance

Regarding the Toyota Highlander engine, it has eleven trims with a V-6 gasoline engine producing 295 hp at 6600 rpm. In addition, the car also has a pair of VVT-i as well as a Start and Stop Engine System.

All of these features provide people with a fast and powerful drive, even on long journeys.

Toyota Highlander engine

Toyota Highlander engine

Safety and Technology

The transport is facilitated with an 8-inch screen and an audio control system that can help passengers relax and enjoy their trip to the fullest. 

The transport also has many devices and systems for safety reasons, such as the lane-keeping assist, the warning for forwarding collision, and the automated braking for emergencies.

Moreover, the vehicle also can have a blind-spot detection that can help alert drivers about cross-traffic. All these systems will give you a safe and enjoyable drive.


This type of transport is a great choice due to its several special and innovative features.

Hopefully, this Toyota Highlander Review on has given you detailed information about this type of vehicle so that you can easily consider all its features and make a decision to purchase this transport in many car physical stores and garage shows all over the country.

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