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Updated Jul 22, 2022


When discussing this vehicle, Innova's specs are frequently brought up in conversation. There are various options, which can make picking the ideal one challenging. In this blog post, we'll strive to assist you in making a decision. Before deciding, read our post to learn more about the Toyota Veloz specs in the Philippines and other information.

Toyota Veloz 2022

Toyota Veloz 2023

Toyota Veloz Overview

The Veloz is Toyota's maiden entry into the subcompact crossover Philippines SUV segment. Its design is similar to its Avanza stablemate's, but it has more technologically advanced safety features and a much bolder front fascia. Also, the Toyota Veloz interior comes with a number of amenities that aren't available on the Avanza and make the Veloz seem more modern and appealing.

The Veloz is powered by a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine with a CVT transmission, sending power to the front wheels, just like its MPV sibling. Toyota markets it as the ideal vehicle for young professionals and those preparing to start a family. It comes in two trim levels.

Toyota Veloz Specs

Dimension And Seat Capacity

About Toyota Veloz dimensions, the vehicle is 4475 mm long, 1775 mm wide, and 1700 mm tall, with 205/50 R17 tyres mounted on 17-inch machined alloy wheels on both models. 190mm of ground clearance is provided by the Toyota Veloz.

The Veloz has seating for up to seven people inside. It also has the same Long Sofa style seat layout as the Toyota Avanza.


First, when it comes to Toyota Veloz acceleration, measurements are taken from a complete stop to speeds of 100 km/h. A 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine from the 2NR-VE series is the only powertrain available in both variants of the Toyota Veloz. 

This powertrain has already established itself in Toyota vehicles such as the Yaris, Vios, Rush, and Avanza, and it continues to perform admirably in the Veloz. The 1.5-liter naturally-aspirated petrol engine of the Toyota Veloz produces 106 PS of maximum power and 138 Nm of maximum torque and comes equipped with a CVT gearbox in both models.  

Now, this engine doesn't break any performance barriers and isn't even close to being the best-in-class in terms of power and torque. However, this engine shines in terms of refinement and the simplicity with which power is supplied even at the tiniest throttle adjustments.

Toyota Veloz Specs

Toyota Veloz Specs

In terms of Toyota Veloz fuel consumption, the vehicle achieves a reasonable fuel efficiency of 14-15.5 kmpl in regular driving circumstances. Expect to achieve a little better fuel efficiency on freeways if you drive with a light foot. We didn't test these numbers outside of typical city or highway conditions because driving through congested traffic signals at highway speed is often annoying.


About Toyota Veloz engine, it is only available with a CVT with sequential shift, hence no manual gearboxes are available. Also, Toyota Veloz features three drive modes to choose from: Eco, Normal, and Sport, each of which provides a unique driving experience behind the wheel. This availability of drive modes is one element that distinguishes the Veloz from other compact seven-seater MPVs.

Other Features

There are two types of infotainment systems available for the Toyota Veloz Philippines. The lower-cost G model has an 8-inch touchscreen, while the more expensive V model has a 9-inch touchscreen. 

Both of these touch screens enable Apple Carplay and Android Auto in various configurations, with some of its features operated via voice commands and steering-mounted controls. Both gadgets have comparable layouts across platforms, as well as enable easy access to key regions via buttons.

Toyota Veloz 2022 Review

Toyota Veloz 2023 Review

With the Veloz, Toyota seeks to enhance its market position by including many first-in-class safety technologies, which combine to form the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) package of automated driving assistance technology.

Toyota Veloz Price Philippines

The Toyota Veloz starts from 1,185,000 pesos in the Philippines for the entry-level G CVT and goes up to 1,240,000 pesos for the top-of-the-line Toyota Veloz V CVT (Platinum White Pearl Mica). Please see our price list for the Toyota Veloz in 2023 for additional information:



Toyota Veloz V CVT (Platinum White Pearl Mica)


Toyota Veloz V CVT


Toyota Veloz G CVT (Platinum White Pearl Mica)


Toyota Veloz G CVT



If you're looking to buy a new MPV, the Veloz 2023 is a fantastic option. The Veloz can make you feel like a king when traveling on any highway or terrain because of its svelte style, superior safety features, and inexpensive price point. We hope that the post on Toytota Veloz specs 2023 will help you select the option that best suits your needs and budget.

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Toyota Veloz Review 2023 - An Ultimate Guide

Toyota Veloz Review 2023 - An Ultimate Guide

Car price: ₱1,185,000
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