The Best Mitsubishi Lancer Modified Tips For You To Update Your Vehicle!

Updated Jul 13, 2022

You have been driving your Mitsubishi Lancer for a while, and you have started to notice the bumps and faults. It’s time to upgrade your baby, but you haven’t known how to do it and the choices.

In this article, let’s dig into the details of the Mitsubishi Lancer Modified so that you will know what settings your car needs!

Mitsubishi Lancer Modified

Mitsubishi Lancer Modified

Mitsubishi Lancer Modified

Here are the changes you can get Mitsubishi Lancer ex modified:

Power Improvement

We have two Mitsubishi Lancer here, one has a 1000 hp in power with the sequential transmission, and the other has 1100 hp with a stock transmission.

The 1000 hp includes a 2.0-Liter inline-four motor with a CNC ported head mated to a six-speed successive transmission. It also includes a redesign of Super 99 with a T3 outline. 

If you think this engine is quite dependable, don’t worry about it. Additional features are included, such as custom wiring, brake lines, Magnus dry sum, etc. It can exceed up to 800 on the road and up to 1000 hp tune on tough roads that require speed and accuracy.

Mitsubishi Lancer power improvement

Mitsubishi Lancer power improvement

Old Car To The Rescue

How do we change a Mitsubishi Lancer old model modified to a new one but remain classy in the old times?

To your surprise, some older Evo have stronger engines than new ones, as the roads can be tough to drive on in the past. An old quintessential urban car like the Mitsubishi Lancer car can produce 1100 hp - tons of power to get it going smoothly. 

The upgrade includes a newer turbo with stronger power, which currently hits 47-50 psi. Many aftermarket upgrades have been made to further the power for the car to handle the large weight. 

Despite not looking like a vehicle with 1100hp and not including a rolling cage, you will feel it quiet and smooth when driving.

Boost controller

The boost controller, as one of the Mitsubishi Lancer modified accessories, can help the drivers handle the manifold pressure by modifying the wastegate-flowing pressure. The air that the cylinders provide will link to the turbocharger setup’s power.

Mitsubishi Lancer Modified Accessories

Mitsubishi Lancer Modified Accessories

Hence, using the boost controller to raise the boost pressure is one of the best ways to increase cylinders’ airflow, which results in stronger power output. To control the pressure level in the motor, get a boost controller to stop detonation and costly rebuilds.

Upgraded Camshafts

Ungraded camshafts can increase the engine’s potential as they will be utilized more. A taller lift will allow more air to come into the inlet valves, therefore improving the engine’s powerful motor. 

The other advantage getting from upgraded camshafts is altered valve timing. These settings automatically allow valves to respond with a certain effect on the compression ratio. 

Racing cars love these modifications, as they receive high idling rates, but not so great for daily cars. If your Mitsubishi puts on camshafts, driving in the city regularly won’t come with such comfortability. 

Rays and Enkei Wheels

When it comes to the most famous wheel makers in Japan, we must mention Rays and Enkei wheels. And what could be a better thing when you can update your Mitsubishi with these high-class wheels? 

Mitsubishi Lancer Modified Wheels

Mitsubishi Lancer Modified Wheels

The rims you get from these automakers will make your vehicle look stunning rather than functional, so if you are looking to improve the look other than the power, this modification goes as a good deal.

In terms of protection, impact preventive rims can be used at the wheels’ face for protection from environmental factors. And that’s the base for the Mitsubishi Lancer modified doors after.

Cool Air Intake

If you want to raise the airflow amount to your engine, getting a cold air intake system is a beginner-friendly good idea. The cold flow will complement the turbocharger with its heat-cooling system. It will pull air around and level down its temperature. 

As there is more oxygen in cold air than in warm air, the cold air intake is more compatible for combustion. The engine bay’s available space will determine how much air intake to get. 


If you want to upgrade your Mitsubishi  Lancer, that’s everything we can list on Mitsubishi Lancer Modified tips. These changes may suit your vehicles, but it is your choice to determine which modification to go forward with. 

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