Toyota Veloz Vs Avanza: Which Has Piqued Your Interest?

Updated Jul 22, 2022


Toyota is a global Japanese automobile manufacturer based in Aichi, Japan. That's one of the world's major automakers, producing over 10 million cars every year. 

Since the debut of the Toyota Prius in 1997, Toyota has been hailed for becoming a milestone in the field and selling more fuel-efficient hybrid electric cars. According to the business, more than 40 hybrid car models are currently available across the world.

Toyota was also the first automotive manufacturer to produce more than 10 million automobiles each year, setting a milestone in 2012 when it produced its 200 millionth vehicle. Let’s find the difference between Toyota Veloz vs Avanza.

Toyota Veloz vs Avanza: Overview

The Toyota Avanza is a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that primarily seats three people in three rows. Daihatsu was the company that created this car type. And that the term "Avanza" comes from the Italian word "Avanzato," which means "advance" in English. In certain places, it is referred to as "Xenia." 

If you're aware of the Kijang Innova, it's the spiritual forerunner of the Toyota Avanza. So, it appears to be a little version of Innova at first appearance.

Veloz Vs Avanza

Veloz Vs Avanza


In terms of country road capabilities, body-on-frame architecture, and rear-wheel drive, the Toyota Avanza is comparable to the Toyota Innova, although being relatively small. This version is primarily marketed and sold in Asia and the Middle East, such as the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Veloz has been a twin model of the Avanza from 2021. The "Veloz" moniker was originally used for Avanza's best grades in particular industries between 2011 and 2021.


In the Philippines, the Veloz is the company's first foray into the 7-seater subcompact crossover SUV sector. It has a lot in common with its Avanza stablemate in appearance, but it has a considerably bolder frontal fascia and more technologically sophisticated safety measures.

So what is the difference between Toyota Veloz vs Avanza? Let's compare the two to find out.

Toyota Veloz Vs Avanza: Comparison

Dimension/ Exterior

The Toyota Avanza and the Veloz are fraternal rather than identical twins, although sharing the same structure and framework. They're both connected; however one seems to like customizing more than another, with the Toyota Veloz dimension and the Avanza having a minor difference.

The Avanza is a 7-seat SUV with a length of 4395 mm, a width of 1730 mm, a wheelbase of 2750 mm, and 195 mm of ground clearance. On the other hand, the brand-new Veloz measures 4475 mm in length, 1775mm in width, and 1700mm in height. It has 195mm of ground clearance, the same as the Avanza.

Avanza Vs Veloz Comparison

Avanza Vs Veloz Comparison

Dimensionally, the Toyota Veloz is 80mm longer, 45mm wider, and 10mm taller Additionally, the Veloz's bigger size was executed by merging a unique bumper shape, as you'll see.

The front fascia design and the rear are the main differences between the Toyota Avanza 2023 Philippines and the Toyota Veloz 2023 Philippines

A plank sits just above the primary intake grille in front, while distinct lights are found in the back. The Avanza still has LED headlights and taillights, despite the differences. 

However, the Avanza lacks DRLs and has halogen foglamps rather than LEDs. Furthermore, the Avanza's wheel widths max out at 16 inches, with lower-spec trims getting 15-inch alloy or steel wheels.


Like their exteriors, the Avanza and Veloz provide more opulent interiors and cutting-edge entertainment systems. When contrasting the interiors of the Avanza with the Veloz, the adjective "simpler" comes to mind. 

Because it is classified as an MPV, the inside is as predicted: not overly luxurious, but not austere either if you go for the higher-end versions. The interior of Avanza is mostly made up of matte black polymers that aren't shiny. The seats are covered in patterned material with red accents, giving them a unique look.


From a stylistic flair, the distinctions tend to be a bit blurred, but the Veloz is still clearly connected to the Avanza after the update. The Veloz's seats have leather inlays in addition to the fabric upholstery, and the interior has a black & beige color combination with somewhat superior materials.

Toyota Veloz 2022

Toyota Veloz 2023

The Veloz's interior also looks to have more soft-touch materials and metallic finishes than the previous model. As a result, even the top-of-the-line Avanza receives a more straightforward cabin with more plastic components.


Both the Avanza and the Veloz has a 5-liter 2NR-VE engine. This motor is coupled to a power converter transmission, generates 106 hp at 6000 rpm and 138 Nm of peak torque at 4200 rpm (CVT).

The Avanza offering has two engine choices: a 1.3-liter and a 1.5-liter gasoline powertrain. Both engines have four cylinders and produce around 100 horsepower and torque ranging from 122 to 138 Nm. The 1.5-liter also makes up for the Toyota Avanza fuel consumption: 10-13 km/L is easy achieve in moderate traffic.

Only a 1.5-liter engine with 104 horsepower and 138 Nm of torque will be available for the Toyota Veloz engine. Because of the 1.5-liter engine, the vehicle will only be available with a CVT transmission.


2023 Toyota Veloz Variants 


Veloz G CVT 


Veloz  G CVT (Platinum White Pearl Mica)


Veloz V CVT


Veloz V CVT (Platinum White Pearl Mica)



2023 Toyota Avanza Variants


Avanza J 1.3 MT 


Avanza E 1.3 MT


Avanza E 1.3 CVT 


Avanza G 1.5 CVT 



So, what do you think about our Toyota Veloz vs Avanza comparison? Do you think the price gap makes up for the added features?

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