Ford Transit Color - Which Is The Best Option?

Updated Jul 08, 2022


The renowned Ford Transit 2022 has already been completely revamped for the new year, and now it comes in new color combinations for car owners. Whether users favor a more subdued appearance or would like to stand out on Tampa streets, the Ford Transit Color has users coated.


The Ford Transit Colors 2022 gives you the option of selecting the ideal color theme to compliment your personality. There is still a wide variety of paint color options for everyone. And if you want an expert car or stand out in a crowd while driving around town.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Ford Transit Color Black and Ford Transit Color Blue are not included on this list. Examine the following exterior color combinations for Ford drivers relying on their base model:



Ford Transit Price Philippines

2.2L 4x2 MT

Frozen White

Magnetic Metallic

Moondust Silver


Ford Transit Colors

Next, we will introduce to you three Ford Transit color options. They will be available in the Philippines in 2022.

Ford Transit Frozen White

This color was presented on Ford vehicles from 2006 to 2022 and used on the bodywork. It demands one white undercoat. The primary color is white. The pastel Ford color's opaque appearance enables it to be completed with one direct glossy coating or even as one clear coat foundation.


Even adults will want to sing "Let it Go" in Frozen White. This color is a vibrant white. And it has one matte finish and is a combination of strong tone powder covering.


Ford used a conventional color recognized as "primary white", mostly on Fiesta, Mondeo, Transit, and Vans from this date forward.


Painter  Frozen White is a classic synthetic coach enamel color. This hue is perfect for cleaning, rolling, or spraying. Frozen White would be hand combined to the highest quality and could be combined with Tintable Raptor Protection systems.


It has a satin finish with one luster. This is almost iridescent in one right light. It's coat but not completely matte.


In addition, it varies slightly only with a slope of light, providing a beautiful Doppler effect by making some parts gleam. In contrast, others appear muted, similar to a sharkskin outfit or the specular reflection of one butterfly wing. 


This shade entices you to hug it. It's enticing, strange, compelling, and quite beautiful, unlike anything else.

Ford Transit White ColorFord Transit White Color

Ford Transit Magnetic Metallic

When you have it in the sun, it looks nice. It has a good metallic flake and a nice, good-looking aerodynamic hood. More importantly, magnetic properties are strong, but many are temperature sensitive.

This lovely Transit custom is presented in magnetic gray at the front. It's the new shape with the new Ford grille and the lovely new headlights. Install individualized car magnets in your vehicles for rapid and convenient on-the-go advertising.

Car magnets, which are thin but strong, could be connected to smooth and flat permanent magnet vehicle surfaces for business growth. Custom car ferromagnetic materials are excellent for detachable signage on business or personal vehicles because they are wind-tested, inexpensive, and long-lasting.

Car magnets material is completely customizable or paint-safe, allowing you to create your magnet, adhere it to a car and truck, peel it off, and reuse it repeatedly.

The magnetic vehicle signs, which are weather-resistant and sturdy, could help get the company's trademark realized by pedestrians or other users. It can assist you in creating a decent first impression.

Vehicle ferromagnetic materials are simple to install and eliminate. As a result, they are an excellent choice if you want to form a single, brand-name look throughout multiple cars.

Ford Transit Magnetic Metallic

Ford Transit Magnetic Metallic

Ford Transit Moondust Silver

It is one great option if you like silver. Silver paint typically has a short warranty. It's just paint, aluminum flake, resin, and a few extenders. There isn't much that can go wrong. 

A few firms have tried to add dye to achieve different hues of silver or gray. I'm not sure if Ford uses pigment. There seems to be no color style, and the color abides well to the clearcoat if this does not contain pigment. 

It should not demonstrate dirt quite often. One problem with silver may be that the flake establishment is not always consistent. However, the addition of pigment can exacerbate this. This feature results in light and shadow.

Ford Transit Silver Color

Ford Transit Silver Color


Ford Transit Color has a very diverse range for all users. This car manufacturer has almost completed the introduction of most of the basic colors. Furthermore, the manufacturer did not overlook the creation of a few eye-catching and dynamic colors.


Each color has its meaning and reveals a lot about your style. Remember to reread our article to find the best car for your personality.


Thanks for your reading! Also, you may read our writing of any other model on Car Review to get more thoughts on the subject. If you have any question, feel free to comment below or contact with!

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