Honda Civic Type R Review - Is It Suitable For You?

Updated May 06, 2022

Honda Civic Type R is always on the top list of the most remarkable hatch-back sports cars. A car model will have many significant developments and alterations in its features and designs within a five years period. Therefore, car lovers expect superior changes made to the latest Civic Type R. The Honda Civic Type R review down here will tell you what to expect.

Honda Civic Type R review

Honda Civic Type R review


Although Honda covers its sports vehicle in camouflage, we can see that the newly upgraded Honda Civic Type R 2022 has a more reserved outlook than the previous model. One thing we know for sure is that the Civic Type R will run on a turbocharged four-cylinder engine which brings you the realest feeling of a powerful sports car.

What’s more, the manual transmission will remain on the 2022 Civic Type R. Honestly, the manual gearbox is quite outdated in the ear of automatic transmission cars. However, the manual system will bring you the feeling of bossing the powerful monster from Honda.

Honda Civic Type R Price

The Honda Civic Type R price Philippines will be no less than 3,000,000 Peso Philippines. Particularly, professional car dealers believe that Honda will apply a hybrid system to the latest Civic Type R, so the price can go up to at least 3.210.000 Peso Philippines.

Honda Civic Type R Specs

Before going into more detailed reviews, we would like to give you the basic information via these Civic Type R’s specifications:



Transmission Type:

6-Speed Manual Transmission

Ground Clearance:

132 mm


2.0 liter VTEC TURBO In-Line 4-Cylinder, 16-Valve DOHC



Wheel Base:

2700 mm


310PS @ 6,500 RPM

Honda Civic Type R Review


Since we have seen the camouflage of the car, we can notice some exterior features.

In the front, the 2022 Civic Type R still comes with a huge grille, as you can see in the present Type R version. What’s more, the lateral skirts seem to be extended than the outgoing model. The wheels are made from black alloy, contributing to the Type R’s sporty and sturdy outlook.

Another adjustment is on the rear wing. The upgraded Civic Type R’s rear wing consists of metal supports, so it can resist wind better than the previous plastic supports. The three-exhaust set remains on the latest Civic Type R’s design.

Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R 


Of course, the racy hatchback interior design of the outgoing Civic Type R will stay in the upcoming one. Plus, Type R fans are looking forward to having the red highlights running around the car, some carbon-fiber details, and front seats accompanied by comfortable and smart features.

You can keep track of your driving via the digital gauge cluster behind the steering wheel. Besides, a touch-screen control panel will allow you to adjust any setting inside the car, except for the manual climate controls. The cup holders and storage bin are still there for you to contain your stuff.

2022 Honda Civic Type R interior

 2022 Honda Civic Type R interior

Engine And Performance

Honda applies a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four engine to the Honda Civic Type R 2022 version. Along with this vigorous engine is the 340 horsepower output, which is 36 units higher than the 306 horsepower output of the present Civic Type R.

Moreover, the 2022 Type R will generate a 295ft-lbs torque at 3250 RPMs. For this reason, you can push this vehicle from the start to 100km/h within around 7 seconds.

The Civic Type R’s top speed is still a secret. Yet, the outgoing Type R can conquer 270km/h, and the Type R Limited Edition can reach 280km/h. So, the upcoming Civic’s top speed can’t be inferior to these outgoing models. 

2022 Honda Civic Type R engine

Honda Civic Type R engine

Safety And Technology

You will have a hold of the surroundings inside the cabin by operating the 9.0-inch touchscreen display. We bet that Honda will catch the car-manufacturing trend by inserting smart wireless connections from your smartphones to the Civic Type R. For instance, your smart devices can be compatible with Civic Type R via Android Auto or Apple Carplay.

Safety features are indispensable sections when looking for a car, especially a sports car like the 2022 Honda Civic Type R. There are some Type R’s safety features that you can rely on:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Assistance in keeping lane
  • Warning about lane departure
  • Automatic emergency brake
  • Warning about forwarding collision

Bottom Lines

Getting information about your desired car is an essential task you should complete before paying money for it. And our 2022 Honda Civic Type R review is here to help you decide whether to buy this car model or not. If the car meets all of your demands, what’s to hesitate not to buy it?

If you are finding more information about the car market, then check Phil Car Price now. Thanks for reading.

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