Ford Raptor Colors - Various Choice For Customers

Updated Apr 27, 2022

Ford Raptor 2022 is the first choice of consumers when it comes to pickup trucks. Many customers are interested in the Ford Raptor pickup truck but are wondering what color the Ford Raptor pickup truck should choose. 

In this article, we will provide you with how many colors the Ford Ranger pickup truck that you can choose from. Keep reading to know more about the Ford Raptor Colors

Ford Ranger Raptor Colors And Variants

The color of the Ford Raptor 2022 pickup truck officially sold up to 5 vehicle colors for customers to choose from, including black, gray, red, white, and blue color. All five colors of Ranger Raptor on customers can freely choose the color of the car according to their feng shui and needs and preferences.

Ford Raptor Colors: Black

Ford Raptor shadow black

Ford Raptor black

Black seems to be the coolest color of this model because Ford Raptor black looks much stronger, making a difference from the exterior matte black paint with gray decals running from the grille to the rear trunk door. 

A few different details of the black version must be mentioned, such as the grille being painted black instead of chrome on the standard version. The wheel system uses two colors: silver and glossy black.

Ford Raptor Colors: Blue

The color of the Ford Raptor blue is a color that many people love. In nature, it is the color of the sea and the sky; blue is considered the color of nature and represents government agencies, the color of jeans, and the Ford logo designs. It belongs to the cold color but has a little warmth that makes it look like the color of seawater.

Ford Raptor lighting blue

Ford Raptor blue

The Ford Raptor’s blue color always shows the strength of the car and is still classy at first sight. The car is especially suitable for the roads in Vietnam, especially the highland people. In addition, the Raptor also comes with outstanding features, being the leader product in the pickup truck segment.

Ford Raptor Colors: Red

Ford Raptor race red

Ford Raptor red

The Ford Raptor red comes in 2 shades. However, customers rarely choose this color because maybe the red color does not look good. The color in real life is the same as the red flag of the car, looking very colorful.

The plum red of the car is different from the red. It is the plum red that is loved by many people; the color of the car is when customers see the red color of the car. It is the darkest red from the outside of the car, which is healthier than a much richer red.

Ford Raptor Colors: White

Ford Raptor frozen white

Ford Raptor white

The white color of the Ford Raptor is also the main color because all car manufacturers, not just Ford cars, all products are white. This is also the most beautiful white color of Raptor. No matter what you do, Ford Raptor white is still the first choice of customers.

Ford Raptor Colors: Gray

Ford Raptor conquer grey

Ford Raptor gray

The Ford Raptor grey is also the most beautiful and clean color. Many customers choose the silver car because it is clean, and it looks a lot stronger, especially for the Ranger Raptor truck.

Many customers cannot imagine how dark the color of the car is. The Gray of the Ford Raptor is the color that is a combination of black and blue. That is the reason why many customers say that it is black blue.

How To Choose The Suitable Color For Ford Raptor

To choose the right car color for you, you should consider factors such as preferences and feng shui. If you choose the right car color, the age and color of the car correspond to each other; it will create good energy and bring convenience and luck to the owner. 

However, if you choose the opposite color, bad energy will be born, hindering work and life. Therefore, many people will have to choose a car color that matches their age no matter what because they believe in feng shui.

Ford Ranger Raptor Colors Versus Its Competitors

Ford Raptor Versus Ram Rebel

This is a "luxury" pickup truck and an off-road "monster" with formidable power. Whether it is the standard V-6 or the optional 5.7 Hemi V-8 with a hybrid system, the Rebel has all the power to conquer them all.

Ram Rebel is famous for its red, black, white, and silver car colors. Therefore, this vehicle will not be as colorful as the Ford Raptor.

Ford Raptor Vs Toyota Tundra Trd Pro

As the most advanced version of the new generation Tundra pickup, Toyota Tundra TRD Pro 2022 comes with a V6 engine, twin turbocharger, 3.5L capacity, and many other modern features. 

Next, there is a TRD Pro logo appearing on the bonnet and rear door, aluminum underbody guards, TRD exhaust system. This model also has a lot of colors, of which the two most prominent colors are white and orange.

Ford Raptor 2023 Price Philippines For Each Color

The Ford Raptor 2023 price Philippines is not distinctively different among variants' colors. For some popular colors such as gray, white, or blue, the price may be higher than others. It is only more than 200 PHP, so you need to consider it carefully.


Ford Ranger Raptor is currently the most popular pickup model with sales that make a difference compared to competitors in the same group. The attraction of this pickup model comes from its eye-catching appearance, modern equipment, and especially a variety of colors. If you have any problems with choosing the Ford Raptor colors, you can contact Phil Car Price team anytime!


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