Mitsubishi Mirage Colors – Which Color Should You Choose?

Updated Jun 03, 2022

The Mirage lineup is among the most successful that Mitsubishi has ever produced. This success, however, means that there are more and more people worrying over which choice fits them the most among the Mitsubishi Mirage Colors.

To make it easier, we put together this article to explain the choices and who is their best fit.

Mitsubishi Mirage Colors: Mitsubishi Mirage Red 

The full name of this color is Majestic Red, something that perfectly encapsulates the overall aesthetics of Mitsubishi Mirage. 

Mirage red

The red color signifies passion

With just one look, you know immediately that this color commands authority. However, the Mirage has a smaller size, so it does not appear too aggressive. 

This means that you get the best of both worlds in elegance and sportiness. That’s not all, as the fiery red color is very easy to spot, making it a perfect choice for off-roading. Your car can be easily found if there is any problem.

Mitsubishi Mirage Colors: Mitsubishi Mirage Wine Red 

Mirage wine red

Mitsubishi Mirage wine red

Another color for red lovers but do not want a too-bright red is called Mirage Wine Red. This is a very interesting color, as it resembles the red wine that we love to drink in the restaurant. 

Unlike the bright red, it is dark enough for the exterior not to be easily dirty, yet still popping out among the simple black or gray cars. Your vehicle will exclusively shine through traffic and represent your characteristics.

Mitsubishi Mirage Colors: Mitsubishi Mirage Orange

Mirage orange

Mitsubishi Mirage orange

Have you ever seen a car with an orange color? Do you wish to have a car with such a vibrant color? Mitsubishi Mirage Sunrise Orange will be your new favorite choice!

Don't hesitate to purchase this one-and-only crossover if you don't mind standing out between regular-colored cars. The shining orange glaze is shiny and durable simultaneously, so don't worry about the colors being faded over time. 

Let's spice up your car collection with an orange Mirage car!

Mitsubishi Mirage Colors: Mitsubishi Mirage White 

Mirage white

Mitsubishi Mirage white

The solid white paint job makes this variant of the Mitsubishi Mirage plain and clean in appearance. It also provides the car with a pure, pristine, and direct feel.

Onlookers tend to observe that white car owners have a degree of fastidiousness. After all, the white color is notorious for not allowing any weakness to hide. That is why only the primmest and most proper people can maintain its shine throughout the years.

Mitsubishi Mirage Colors: Mitsubishi Mirage Black 

Mirage black

Mitsubishi Mirage black

When you think of black, there is a high chance that the first thing to pop into your mind is elegance and classic. It can even be considered the ultimate color of power.

This nature works perfectly with the Mitsubishi Mirage’s exterior design. As such, you get a powerful statement out of your driving vehicle.

You do need to be careful while driving this car, though, especially at night. After all, this pyrenese black color is much harder to notice in this situation, so the risk of accident is higher. That is also why there is an additional shine on the paint job.

Mitsubishi Mirage Colors: Mitsubishi Mirage Silver 

Mirage silver

Mitsubishi Mirage silver

It goes without saying that there will be a silver option among the Mitsubishi Mirage colors. After all, it is among the most popular choices for all kinds of cars. Silver has become a synonym for passion, class, and fanciness.

It is, however, especially fitting with the Mitsubishi Mirage, as this car has some of the fanciest accessories. They do a fantastic job at attenuating the color’s shiny nature, making it eye-catching but not as penetrating as gold.

Mitsubishi Mirage Colors: Mitsubishi Mirage Blue 

Mirage blue

Mitsubishi Mirage blue

The Mitsubishi Mirage 2023 features a long-awaited blue option for the paint color. As you may know, this color has a unique coolness for both the touch and the eye. The reason lies in the color blue’s capability to both absorb and reflect light to a moderate degree.

That is why cars using this color will always be more pleasant.

Mitsubishi Mirage Colors: Mitsubishi Mirage Gray

Mirage gray

Mitsubishi Mirage gray

At first glance, some will mistake this color for the cool silver version, but there are actually lots of differences. The most apparent variation between these Mitsubishi Mirage colors is the intensity. If the silver model is shiny and eye-catching, gray is more subdued and calm.

You will notice that only the most practical of drivers use cars in this color. It is the very picture of neutrality, after all. There is a higher chance for drivers of these cars to make up a list and talk things through without any escalation.


With so many Mitsubishi Mirage colors to choose from, we understand that it can become a hard decision. We hope that this article was able to help you even just a little bit in narrowing down the choices.

At the end of the day, a car is an extension of yourself, so please remember to choose something that can express your personality.

Thanks for reading and supporting!

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