Hyundai Venue 2022 Price Philippines, Specs And Colors

P 915,000 - P 985,000

If you are looking for a low-cost crossover with a lot of desirable features, the Hyundai Venue may deserve a consideration. However, before pouring money into something you’ve just heard of, it would be a better decision to check and update the Hyundai Venue 2022 price Philippines.

Honda Venue 2022 Price Philippines

Honda Venue 2022 Price Philippines

Overview Of The Hyundai Venue

The Hyundai Venue, as suggested via its name, is a subcompact crossover SUV manufactured by Hyundai, the top-leading Korean auto manufacturer. It was first released at the 2019 New York International Auto Show and at the time, it was known as the smallest crossover the Korean auto manufacturer introduced to the world. There are five trim levels including SX(O), SX+, SX, S, and E.

When it comes to the size, the Hyundai Venue 2022 is smaller than its two predecessors: Hyundai Hona and Hyundai Creta. It’s not difficult to guess who are the target customers of this latest model: they are mainly young users who have just “made friends” with automobile.

Hyundai Venue 2022 Price Philippines

Whether you are purchasing it online or at showrooms, don’t forget to check the Hyundai Venue 2022 price list in the Philippines market in advance. The price may vary depending on markets, purchasing time and of course, sellers. You should refer to many sources before investing in this wonderful SUV. However, the price basically starts from ₱915,000 and ₱985,000 is supposed to be the highest one to have a high-performing Hyundai Venue.

It's great to learn there is almost no difference in price between the 2022 models and the models in 2021. Accordingly, the entry-level GL 1.6 AT is available at ₱915,000 while the GLS 1.6 AT is sold at ₱985,000. Despite the market volatility, the Hyundai Venue 2022 price in the Phillipines is still stable and with such a competitive pricing, this SUV totally deserves an ideal option.

You can check this table below to have a general view of the Hyundai Venue price list:

 Variant Hyundai Venue price 
1.6 GLS 6AT  PHP 985.000 
 1.6 GL 6AT PHP 915.000 

Hyundai Venue 2022

The SUV comes with unique design.

Hyundai Venue specs

This A-class SUV has a host of unique designs with cutting-edge curves and powerful body. Two of the most impressive highlights come from the design of the front parts and plus radiator grille.

The 2022 Hyundai Venue has a lot of advantages that are even beyond your expectations. Reasonable prices, eye-catchy design and impressive specifications are no doubt plus points of this model.

Fuel Type


Number of cylinders


ARAI Mileage

18.15 kmpl

City Mileage

10.25 kmpl

Max Power

118.35 bhp@6000rpm

Max Torque


Seating Capacity


Boot Space


Fuel Tank Capacity


Body Type


Engine Displacement


Transmission Type


The Hyundai Venue 2022 is now available with more state-of-the-art technologies. Its fuel tank can contain 45 liters and it can pump out 171.6 Nm. Some of the key features users shouldn’t miss in this model are a driver airbag – a vital factor that ensures safety for drivers in any emergency, as well as passenger airbags, fog lights-front, anti lock braking system, and more.

When it comes to the 2022 Hyundai Venue interior, you may get strongly impressed. Its interior is designed to keep both drivers and passengers comfortable and cool in all travelling journeys. It promises to enhance your driving experience. It comes with an AVNT screen that delivers diverse digital experiences with only one touch.

Hyundai Venue Colors

The 2022 Venue is now available in 7 various colors including Denim Blue, Polar White, Titan Grey, Polar White Dual Tone, Deep Forest, Polar White Dual Tone, Typhoon Silver and Fiery Red. With such a diverse color collection, it may be hard to what color is the best and selecting a color must depend on the buyer’s choice. It is said that Denim Blue and Polar White with Phantom Black Roof are two major color variants to win the hearts because of their superb appearances.

2022 Hyundai Venue interior

Hyundai Venue interior

2022 Hyundai Venue Pros and Cons

Firstly, let’s mention the plus points of this SUV what we may miss. They include electronic driver support systems. In spite of its price, it is designed with a driver loss warning, blind spot warning, and a front collision avoidance system. That’s not all but enough for us to realize how much attention the Korean auto manufacturer pay when manufacturing this SUV.

It must be a big mistake when neglecting the outstanding exterior of the 2022 Hyundai Venue. Enough attractive, enough powerful. You can’t take your eyes off the compact SUV whenever seeing it on the road.

However, that doesn’t mean there is no shortcomings in this SUV. Some complain that the manufacturer should consider how to improve its noise insulation in a bid to enhance users’ driving experience. Meanwhile, manual gearbox and turbo engine options are not always available, and the third thing is the interior space which is supposed not to be wide enough for tall passengers – this disadvantage is no doubt bad to hear.


Above are the all things we should know about the Hyundai Venue 2022. If you are looking for an SUV for your family, this model totally deserves a consideration. And don’t forget to check the Hyundai Venue 2022 price Philippines before pouring money into it.

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