Toyota C-HR 2023 Price Philippines

P 2,200,000 - P 2,200,000

The C-HR version is always the character that brings the most attention to car enthusiasts. That is why Toyota C-HR 2023 price Philippines is currently one of the most sought-after content.

People are still waiting for information on the price, design, and add-ons related to this car. Check out the components below to discover more about this awesome engine!

Overview Toyota And Toyota C-HR 2023 Philippines

Toyota Motor Corporation was born based on the merger of T. Motor Co., Ltd and T. Motor Sales Co., Ltd. These outstanding marks highlight the company's founding history. 

toyota chr 2022 price philippines

Toyota C-HR 2023 Philippines

Currently, Toyota C-HR 2023 is a rendition expected to bring minimal changes.

Specifically, many people have expected that there will be some new changes from SUVs. The elements needing change include the absence of a full-wheel drive system, the unremarkable 4-cylinder engine, and limited visibility in the rear seats. 

The limiting factors just mentioned have made previous versions of C-HR less attractive.

Recently, this car company has begun to improve some of its mainstream models into more attractive and tend to be quite sporty versions. The new series has a strong appearance, but its performance is quite warm. This factor can be a plus point to help many people love this car.

A notable point in this updated version is that it still maintains fuel economy and integrates a series of other safety elements.

Toyota C-HR Specifications

Toyota C-HR specs

Toyota C-HR specs will give you the most precise assessment of the power and parameters of this car. Refer to the following table!


Seat capability 


Body category


Overall sizes

Height: 1565 (mm) 

Width: 1795 (mm) 

Length: 4390 (mm) 


2640 (mm)

Fuel tank capability 

13.2 (gal)


1799 (cc)

Engine Kind

2.0 (L), 4-Cylinder engine

Maximum power

144 hp @ 6,100 rpm

Maximum torque

139 lb-ft @ 3,900 rpm


CVT (Continuously Variable Automatic)


“ABS” Disc


Front: Strut

Back: Torsion Beam

Differences Compared To 2021 

In 2018 the first version of the C-HR started rolling out, and there has been almost no significant upgrade in this line. Overall, the C-HR is a line with agile handling and attractive looks. This line is considered superior to other competitors such as Hyundai Kona, Buick Encore GX, and Mazda CX30.

Many expectations are pouring into the Toyota C-HR Philippines version in 2023, and everyone hopes that a most satisfying update will be officially released. 

toyota chr 2022

Toyota C-HR 2023

Toyota C-HR 2023 Price Philippines

The 2023 version is a new improvement, but it doesn't have many upgrades, so the price is still between ₱2,200,000 which is the same ax Toyota C-HR 2021 Price Philippines. Toyota C-HR Philippines price in this range will be an excellent cost for many people to refer to and evaluate. 

Toyota C-HR Review

Beside Toyota C-HR 2023 price Philippines, review will be a factor that helps many people interested in this car to discover about them. To update features about the new line of 2023, you can refer to the information about the 2021 version to get the most specific details. Let's start! 


The Toyota C-HR interior is an aspect that many people are most interested in because of the typical qualities embodied in the C-HR range. 

In addition to the minus point from a pair of reasonably inexpensive plastic panels on the side of the middle console, the remaining details inside are all high-quality elements.

The interior is covered with a much more luxurious layer when combining a leatherette layer with simulated stitches is real. In addition, on the door, there are diamond patterns to create luxury and eye-catching. 

In general, the cabin has a very youthful and attractive style, when in the test versions, integrated standard piano lights support unique lighting situations. Specifically, this coating will be pretty prominent when there is an impact in the morning sunlight.

Many people expect this line to have more energy seat adjustment or sunroof improvements. Still, the automated climate control system on the sides is the only aspect you can enjoy in this line. 


These Japanese brand executives always aim to create for C-HR the best designs out of the restraints of the old design.

The new intelligent C-HR line has had many improvements, including removing the lousy eyesight of the Auris and adding a tone that gives the Corolla a much more rounded appearance. 

toyota chr exterior

Toyota C-HR exterior

The source of the innovation probably started with the crossover, as it made a unique mark in helping to change the perception of buying a car of this famous brand. Whether innovation will bring the expected results or not is still a mystery, but these innovations always leave quite a particular mark.

Specifically, there have been changes to the coupé section to make the fence quite prominent. The realistic element seems to have been dropped and replaced with diagonal opposition figures with three rear quarters and a sloping roofline. 

Support and safety features

Let’s see with that Toyota C-HR 2023 price Philippines, does its safety catch up our expectations? 

The C-HR version achieved a five-star rating from the "National Highway Traffic Safety Administration". In addition, it also achieved many good results in vehicle quality assessments.

Unfortunately, last year it ignored the safety-choice award from "IIHS" because the triple luminaire did not complete well in the test. In addition, driver service elements are also a great plus for this version.

Other safety components include:

  • Lane-keeping assist and lane departure caution
  • Assist with lane tracking and cruise control
  • Pedestrian detection and automated emergency braking

Assess The Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Controlled handling
  • Acceptable value
  • Great standard feature content


  • Miniature load area
  • Stuffy and noisy cabin
  • Overstressed engine

toyota chr interior

Toyota C-HR interior

Toyota Dealers In The Philippines Address

Refer to the addresses of the traders in the following list:



Angeles Pampanga

Angeles (Magalang Road), Angeles City

Dasmarinas Cavite

“Emilio Aguinaldo” Highway, Dasmarinas City


Ayala cor, Makati City


Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City 


Purok 6- Padre Burgos, Baguio City


KM 5 - National Hwy, Butuan City, 

Calamba Laguna

National One Hwy, Calamba City


L5B - Commonwealth Ave, Quezon City

General Santos

National Hwy, General Santos City

La Union

Manila North Road - Bauang



Toyota C-HR 2023 price Philippines is constantly a topic of interest by many people. From this issue, the information mentioned above will be helpful information for you while waiting for the latest updates from this car company.

If you love this car, it will be a good idea to update the latest news from regularly. Wish you have excellent choices!




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