Geely Azkarra 2023 Price Philippines

P 1,438,000 - P 1,598,000

Geely Azkarra is the name in the international market to replace the Boyue Pro that launched in 2019 in the Chinese market. It is Geely's second crossover introduced in the Philippines market with a high-end, modern design and beautiful interior space.

Therefore, Geely Azkarra 2023 Price Philippines is a matter of interest to many people, which will be mentioned in this article. Besides, we will also provide information on parameters, pros and cons, and a Geely Azkarra review. Keep on reading for useful details!

Geely Azkarra 2023 Price Philippines

Geely Azkarra

Geely Azkarra 2023 Philippines

because the price of 2023 has not changed much compared to the previous 2 years, so you can refer to the price of 2021 and 2022


Geely Azkarra 2021 price Philippines

Geely Azkarra 2022 price Philippines







Geely Azkarra 2023 Vs Geely Azkarra 2022

Compared to the 2021 version, Geely has upgraded the new bumper based on the Spindle Grille of Lexus and the Dynamic Shield of Mitsubishi design, creating effects with many interlocking pentagons.

The interior is almost unchanged. Instead, two blue and white tones have been added to create a more comfortable and relaxing feeling.

The 12.3-inch infotainment system is powered by Geely's E01 processor, boosting performance and processing functionality effectively. The high-end variant also adds a Bose sound system.

You will have two gearbox options for the engine, 7-speed Wet Dual Clutch or 6-speed Automatic for the new variant. Other parameters have not changed much.

Geely Azkarra Pros & Cons


  • Spacious and luxurious interior
  • High processing performance
  • Fuel efficient engine


  • Lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity in the infotainment system
  • Poor shock absorption system
  • Easy dirty A/C materials, especial with dust and fingerprints

Geely Azkarra Specs

Geely Azkarra exterior

The side of the car is made up of sharp curves and lines

In 2023, Geely Azkarra specs differ slightly between Premium and Luxury versions, creating a change in maximum power and torque. Besides, the drivetrain of the new variant is 2WD, while the high-end one uses 4WD. Some basic parameters are shown in the table below:




Seating capacity


Body type


Overall dimensions (mm)

4,544 x 1,831 x 1,713

Wheel Base (mm)


Fuel tank capacity (L)


Engine model

1.5L Turbocharged 3-Cylinder, DOHC

1.5L Turbocharged 3-Cylinder, DOHC with 48 EMS

Displacement (cc)


Max Power (ps/rpm)

177/ 5,500

190/ 5,500

Max Torque (Nm/rpm)

255/ 1,500 - 4,000

300/ 1,500 - 4,000


6-Speed Automatic

7-Speed Wet Dual Clutch


MacPherson Strut and Coil Suspension/ Multi-Link 


Ventilated Disc

Wheels and tires

225/60R18 18” Aluminum

Geely Azkarra 2023 Review

Geely Azkarra Exterior

Besides impressing with the enlarged cosmos grille, the Geely Azkarra Philippines front also creates a strong feeling through the prominent veins on the hood. Lighting systems, including LED headlights, daytime running lights, and fog lights, are also arranged in a dynamic diamond shape.

The two sides of the body are alternate between curved and sharp lines to create a strong but not too rough one. The entire shoulder line and doors are lined with chrome, creating a sense of continuity and shine on the body.

Meanwhile, the rear end includes LED lights, overhead brake lights combined with an integrated spoiler, and fog lights. The cabin door is designed to be tilted up to create a feeling of spaciousness with electronic adjustment and a shark antenna as an accent.

In addition, the color collection of this model is also available in 5 basic colors for you to choose from white, blue, red, silver, and black.

Geely Azkarra Interior

Geely Azkarra interior

Geely Azkarra interior feels luxurios and premium

The Geely Azkarra interior with two main color tones is brown and black, creating a luxurious and elegant feeling. The seats are upholstered in high-quality Nappa leather, smooth and well-ventilated. The front seats are dimmable in 42 mood-appropriate colors, while the rear seats can be folded to expand the cabin.

Panoramic Starry Sky Sunroof with 18% glass transmittance, complete sun protection, anti-reflective, and maximum UV protection. It feels spacious, airy, and not constrained in tight spaces.

The multi-function steering wheel combined with the 7-inch screen, which displays the clock, integrates all the information you need while driving. The simple frameless rearview mirror can automatically dim at night. The front seats are also equipped with glove boxes, cup holders, and wireless phone chargers.

In terms of infotainment, a 12.3-inch touch screen combined with a set of 4 HD cameras at the front and rear of the vehicle expands your view of your surroundings up to 90m. It can also connect to the phone while driving conveniently. Below are the A/C buttons inspired by highly artistic keyboards.

Geely Azkarra Engine

Geely Azkarra engine

Geely Azkarra's powerful engine

With the new variant, Premium, equipped with a 1.5L Turbocharged 3-Cylinder engine, DOHC can produce maximum power and torque of 177 hp and 255 Nm. Combined with it are a 6-speed automatic transmission and 2WD drive system.

Meanwhile, the LUXURY variant engine also comes with 48 V EMS, increasing power and maximum torque to 190hp and 300 Nm. The gearbox comes with a 7-speed Wet Dual Clutch and 4WD drive system. This combination helps the car accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.88 seconds.

Thanks to this newly equipped engine, Geely Azkarra fuel consumption can save up to 15% for both variants.

Geely Azkarra Safe

Geely Azkarra 2023 is equipped with a CN95 cabin filter, bringing fresher and cleaner air to passengers. The car is also equipped with front and side airbags, reducing impact force in the event of a collision.

For the driver, the vehicle's accent support systems include:

  • ABS and EBD
  • A high-beam system
  • Lane departure warning
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Speed warning information
  • Reduce tire pressure


In 2023, Geely expands customer choice with Azkarra's new variant, Premium. The company also added many improvements to this version from the exterior, interior, technology, and safety features. The obvious highlight is the Cosmos grille with many interlocking pentagons, inspired by the exclusive design of Mitsubishi and Lexus.

Compared to 2021, Geely Azkarra 2023 Price Philippines is a bit lower but has many changes that bring a better experience for customers.

Hopefully, this article on Philcarprice can support you with a great overview of this model to choose the right companion.



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