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One of the most mentioned automakers nowadays is Geely Philippines. Like every other car manufacturer today, Geely offers a variety of vehicles. These are sedans, SUVs, and crossovers that stand out in terms of appearance or style, particularly when compared to automobiles from other brands in the same category or market.

As a result, there are numerous reasons why individuals would select Geely over any other manufacturer when purchasing a new vehicle. One of those is that the Chinese manufacturer offers great cars at an affordable cost. The Geely price Philippines starts at Php 798,000 and ends at Php 1,598,000.

Geely Philippines

Geely Model Price List

Check out the Philippines' Geely price list for 2022. Geely automobile costs start at ₱798,000 for the cheapest model Emgrand Comfort and go up to ₱1,598,000 for the most expensive model Geely Azkarra.

Body Type


Price range


Geely Coolray

₱998,000 - ₱1,258,000


Geely Okavango

₱1,208,000 - ₱1,478,000


Geely Azkarra

₱1,438,000 - ₱1,598,000


Geely Emgrand

₱798,000 - ₱908,000


About Geely Philippines

Geely began as a bicycle and motorcycle parts business in 1986. Since then, Geely has developed to become one of the most well-known Chinese automakers with a global presence.

Geely is a Chinese automobile manufacturer, but it's also a global corporation with headquarters in Sweden and Switzerland and offices in a number of other countries.

Geely Philippines offers one SUV (the Geely Okavango), one sedan (the Geely Emgrand), and two crossovers (Geely Coolray, Azkarra). Geely Phil currently has a total of 4 new automobile models available in the Philippines.

The success of the Geely in the Philippines can be told by the sales. Numbers don’t lie. Joined the market in 2019 with 229 sold units. The market witnessed a soaring increase in selling of the Geely to 2,158 and 6,104 cars relatively in 2020 and 2021.

Though being a newbie in the market, Geely Philippines has marked a lot of impressive numbers. The Coolray has gained a huge attention and a significant number of orders.

The Geely Coolray aided the Chinese automaker's brand recognition, particularly in the local subcompact crossover class. This is a small car targeted at young individuals who need to get around the city on a daily basis. In 2021, 3,221 cars were sold.

The Okavango ranked second in the race of top-selling with 2,562 units to be sold.

With three popular car models and the new entry of the Emgrand, Geely Philippines 2022 targets 12,000 units-sale. An impressive number yet achievable.


Geely is one of the most popular vehicle brands in the Philippines, with plans to break into the top five in the next few years. It will be difficult to choose an automobile that best meets your style and personal preferences while also meeting financial constraints when there are so many possibilities on the market nowadays.

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