Hyundai Starex 2023 Price Philippines

P 1,248,000 - P 1,445,000

Another line of Hyundai cars that is equally attractive and attractive is the Starex. If you want to know more information about this car, follow us through the Hyundai Starex 2023 Price Philippines review. 

Today, this post will show the outstanding features of the interior, exterior, and operating engine in the most detail..

About Hyundai And Hyundai Starex

Hyundai Motor Company, founded in 1967, has evolved to become one of South Korea's leading automakers, with considerable foreign sales. 

By 2007, the firm was rated fifth in the globe, and it now has over two dozen various companies that provide automobile services in their respective locations across the world.

In 2010, the corporation sold 659,565 automobiles in their nation and achieved a 45 percent market share in that year's automotive sector, which is incredible. Honda has benefitted from about 2.9 million automobiles sold in 186 different countries on the worldwide market.

A Hyundai van Starex—this company's debut into passenger and utility vans—is one of the most ubiquitous sights here in the Philippines. This sturdy, long-lasting machine can sit up to 12 people at the same time!

The demonstrated dependability has launched them to sales success and popularity, entering the ranks of popular Toyota Hiace and Nissan Urvan models. 

hyundai starex 2022

Hyundai Starex 2023 Philippines

Hyundai Starex 2023 Specs

Body Type


Commercial Vehicle

No. of seats

3 - 6 - 9 - 18

Fuel Type

Diesel / Gasoline




Max Output (HP)

99 HP @ 3,800 rpm - 170 HP @ 3,600 rpm


Rear-Wheel Drive

Wheel Size

16 in


1 - 2

*Depending on the variant


Not Available

Front Parking Sensors

Not Available

Rear Parking Sensors


*Depending on the variant


Aux, USB, Bluetooth, Aux-in and USB port

*Depending on the variant


5 Years (Unlimited Mileage)

*Depending on the variant

Hyundai Starex Price In The Philippines 2023

The price of Hyundai Starex ranges from ₱1,248,000 to ₱2,938,000. It is not much different from the price of the 2021 version. You can see the list of Hyundai Starex price in the table below:


Price in 2023

Hyundai Starex 2.5 GL 5M/T (no seat)

PHP 1,248,000

Hyundai Starex 2.5 GL 5M/T

PHP 1,395,000

Hyundai Starex 2.5 GL 5M/T (18 seats)

PHP 1,445,000

Hyundai Starex 2023 Review

With an impressive launch and a completely new look in design, With an impressive launch and a completely new look in design, Hyundai Starex 2023 promises to bring customers many interesting and attractive experiences in the future. 

Although it is only an upgraded version of Hyundai Starex 2021, it has many changes that make many people think this is a completely new generation.


The roof arch height of this version increased significantly compared to Hyundai Starex 2021. Thereby, it creates the most spacious and airy cabin space for users. 

Compared to its predecessor, the rear lights of Starex 2023 have a neater size and are arranged lower. The graphics inside will also be changed to improve aesthetics.

Hyundai Starex dimensions


Hyundai Starex dimensions


Hyundai Starex interior also has some innovations you cannot find in the Starex 2021 Philippines. The steering wheel goes with tilt adjustment for the best driving experience. 

The car has six air-conditioning vents to help keep the temperature of the compartments not much different. Comfort power windows are also a strong point of the car. The car has 4 rows of seats and has up to 11 seats for passengers.

Hyundai Starex inside

The inside of the Hyundai Grand Starex is beautifully designed with Brown leather seats.


When it comes to the Hyundai Starex engine, we need to care about the torque. It has been upgraded when it is 216 Nm larger than the old version to help increase the vehicle's performance. 

Combined with that engine block is a 5-speed automatic transmission for the rear-wheel-drive for excellent road selling ability to help the car move smoothly on many different terrains.


Despite being a production car for touring, Hyundai Starex 2023 is still available with four exterior colors: Black, White, Brown, and Moonlight.

Hyundai Starex 2023 Pros And Cons


  • Well operated

  • Spacious, comfortable passenger compartment

  • Modern design

  • Energy saving


  • Need to improve more safety features

  • The infotainment system is not modern

Hyundai Starex 2023 Versus Other Cars

Ford Transit

The Ford Transit has a smaller size than the Hyundai Starex dimension. This feature helps give the car a spacious and comfortable interior space for passengers on long journeys. 

With a cheaper price, the superiority of the interior space, the variety of versions, and especially the more comfortable and safe equipment, this is a worthy car model. 

However, its disadvantage is that the repair, finding replacement parts is not as favorable, the price of replacing parts is also somewhat more expensive.

Toyota Hiace

When it comes to the 16-seat car segment, Toyota Hiace is the default name that comes to mind first in the minds of many consumers. 

Brand, durability, fuel economy are the advantages that have made this 16-seat model successful over the years. However, there is only one version, so the choice for customers is very limited. 

Hyundai Dealers in the Philippines





DRT Highway, Pagala, Baliwag, 


Binmaley Rd, 2400 Pangasinan

La Union


National Highway, Maday Edge, La Union, P

Abad Santos

Mandaluyong City


Brgy. Balagtas along diversion road, Batangas City, Batangas


43 Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

Dasmarinas Cavite

Km. 27 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway 1 Dasmarinas, Cavite


National Highway, Maslog, Sibulan, Negros Oriental, 

Puerto Princesa


National Highway, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Cebu South

Brgy. Carreta, J. De Veyra St., NRA Port Center

In conclusion

The Hyundai Starex 2023 Price Philippines performs many functions such as transporting passengers, transporting goods, or simply serving the travel needs of family members. Although it is considered a multi-purpose vehicle, its size is not too massive, so it still ensures the aesthetics of its owners. Hyundai Starex 2021 will be a great family car for you and your loved one. To view more models, visit


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