Suzuki APV 2022 Price Philippines, Specs And Quick Review

P 733,000 - P 875,000

Suzuki has been one of the most highlighted car brands in the Philippines for years due to its stunning high-quality cars for users. Many drivers love driving Suzuki vehicles, which is why the Suzuki APV 2022 price Philippines is such a hot topic nowadays!

In this article, let’s find out everything you need to know about this vehicle to know whether Suzuki APV 2022 is the correct choice or not! We will discover its Suzuki APV specs, review, and price for you to be highly updated. Let’s go then!

Suzuki APV Price Philippines

Suzuki APV 2022 Price Philippines


Suzuki APV 2022 Overview

For a Filipino family, nothing is easier entertainment than having a big car, stuffing occupants into it, and enjoying long, happy rides. 

Understanding that need, Suzuki APV was born to please the people’s needs. It is a powerful 8-seater APV that can be transferred into a powerful van to load up passengers and cargo. 

APV was first launched by Suzuki Philippines in 2004, and until now, its 2022 version has adapted to the changes and evolved to a whole new level, being a powerful and modern-tech-equipped car. It is proudly one of the most wanted MPV in the Philippines in 2022.

Suzuki APV 2022 Price Philippines

The Suzuki APV price Philippines begins at P733,000, which is the lowest price you can get with this vehicle - the 1.6 GA MT variant. The most expensive price for this MPV is P875,000 for the 1.6 GLX MT variant. 

Since there are only two variants in the Philippines, these are the two price ranges you can select to buy. 


Suzuki APV variants


APV GA 1.6L - M/T


APV GLX 1.6L - M/T



Suzuki APV 2022 Specs

Let’s look at Suzuki APV 2022 specifications in this brief table. It includes every machinery detail you need to know about this minivan!

Body Type


No. of seats


Max Output (HP)

91 HP @ 5,750 rpm


Rear-Wheel Drive



Fuel Type


Wheel Size

14 in - 15 in


0 - 2

*Depending on variant

Suzuki APV dimensions

4155 x 1655 x 1865 mm 

Ground Clearance

180 mm

Rear Parking Sensors


Turning radius

4,9 m


3 Years (100,000 km)

Suzuki APV 2022 Review

And now, we will give you a detailed Suzuki APV review on a few aspects so that you will know this vehicle better before deciding if it is a good fit for you!


Like other commercial minivans, Suzuki APV features a short-nose head design with a further-to-the-back engine, allowing the driver to have more space and view over the road ahead. 

Suzuki APV Philippines

Suzuki APV exterior


Halogen reflectors are installed at the head and the rear for ultimate lighting array performance, enhancing the simple yet elegant design. There are practical lines at the lines that help create a friendly yet modern exterior and enhance the feeling of the spacious interior. 

One thing drivers love about APV is its high roofline and long car space, allowing an abundant area to drive and sit in, which is not likely to be found in such an affordable vehicle.

Drivers can benefit from the huge Suzuki APV dimensions: 4,320 L x 1,865 W mm, a 2,625 mm wheelbase, and a 180 mm ground clearance. You can choose from six colors for Suzuki APV 2022: white, silver, gray, black, red, and burgundy. 

As for the various color choices, users have no difficulty determining and selecting their favorite shades. 


The APV creates passengers with eight spacious, comfortable seats configured in the formation of 2-3-3. All seats can be remotely folded to create additional storage space in case less than eight people travel. 

In general, the Suzuki APV interior’s main theme is beige, which improves the brightness in total for the cabin. The seats are covered in durable cloth, while the dashboard’s main material is plastic. But don’t worry; they all come in the finest quality for the best in-car driving and sitting experience.

Suzuki APV interior

Suzuki APV interior​

Safety and Technology

Suzuki APV 2022 offers users a great time with the latest technology features included under the hood. 

For high-class entertainment, drivers and their companions can enjoy high-quality audio from a 6-speaker audio system with multiple wireless and wired connections, including Bluetooth, AUX, and USB. 


As for safety, Suzuki always makes sure the seaters can travel to places safe and sound. Dual front airbags are installed, and seatbelts can be found on all eight seats. 

In the high-end variants, drivers can take advantage of the side-impact door beams and the antilock brake system. Finally, to aid drivers in packing, Suzuki APV Philippines provides rear parking sensors. 


All Suzuki APVs run with a gasoline engine, a 4-cylinder SOHC producing 92 hp and 128 Nm of torque. 

The machine offers a 5-speed manual gearbox under the driver’s seat and the Suzuki APV engine to empower the rear wheels to run. This engine’s power results in Suzuki APV fuel consumption of up to 8.2L/100km.

Suzuki APV engine

Suzuki APV engine

Suzuki APV 2022 Competitors

Although Suzuki APV 2022 is an excellent MPV, other alternatives can have a look at in case this car has not been up to your expectation. The APV’s rivals are Suzuki Ertiga and Foton Gratour. 


These two MPVs will not be dissimilar to those looking for high-quality minivans to drive. They out-level APV in specific features, including an infotainment system, leather seats, more robust engines, etc.

However, it is up to you to decide which car is the most suitable for you and your family. With such an affordable price to get an 8-seater vehicle like Suzuki APV, there’s no reason to turn down such a great deal.


And that’s all the information regarding Suzuki APV 2022 Price Philippines that we want to give you. 

After reading this article, we hope you get a clear view of this vehicle and whether it is the best choice you can make on a minivan to have wonderful times with your family.

Thank you for reading on Philcarprice Philippines, and let’s catch up with each other soon in the next one! Have fun driving Suzuki APV 2022!



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