Toyota Wigo Colors - Represent Your True Personality.

Updated Apr 28, 2022

Toyota Wigo has great brand strength, stable and smooth operation, economical cost, and spacious space in the segment. However, compared to other competitors such as Honda Brio, Kia Picanto, will Toyota Wigo colors catch up with the trend with youthful colors?

Toyota Wigo Overview

Toyota initially offered the Wigo to Indonesian buyers. Most popular automobiles in Indonesia are likewise popular in the Philippines. Toyota introduced the Wigo to additional nations a year later, including the Philippines. 

Wigo, like other city automobiles, isn’t very large or luxurious, but it’s not expensive and, thanks to their small size, can easily weave through traffic. 

The general design of the Toyota Wigo remains the same in the new upgrade in 2022, but there are additional tweaks, primarily at the front of the car, to assist the sharpness and sportiness.

Now, after a series of upgrades and price adjustments - the Toyota Wigo remains among the most affordable city cars.

Won’t you take a look at this Toyota Wigo price list?




Toyota Wigo 1.0 E MT Manual Gasoline


Toyota Wigo 1.0 G MT Manual Gasoline


Toyota Wigo 1.0 G AT Automatic Gasoline


Toyota Wigo 1.0 TRD S AT Automatic Gasoline


Toyota Wigo Colors

Color is a crucial part of any Wigo. The right color can mean the difference between making or breaking.  

Toyota Wigo Yellow SE

Wigo in the color yellow is optimistic and youthful. As one of the brighter and more vibrant accent colors as the young driver. 

Toyota Wigo yellow se

Standing out anywhere

They are often viewed as a hopeful or idealistic person because they love getting to new places and meeting new people. When it comes to choosing a fun car, this is an amazing option.

Toyota Wigo Orange Metallic

Although orange is not as showy as yellow, the Metallic Metallic Paint on this automobile adds a feeling of formality. Orange may appear to be just another vibrant hue, yet it has a certain air of refinement about it that sets it apart. 

Toyota Wigo orange metallic

The orange Wigo is a bit more mature

Because we know you mean business when investing in a car, it's clear to understand why it's the color you want on your Wigo. You don't do anything every day, and the automobile in this distinctive color complements your financial profile wonderfully.

Toyota Wigo Silver/Gray Metallic

Silver Metallic and Gray Metallic are two very distinct colors when it comes to the color spectrum. While they may appear identical at first glance, they couldn't be more dissimilar. Gray Metallic is a more monochromatic color option for people who don't want their automobile to be dazzling or loud. 

Toyota Wigo gray metallic

Gray Wigo is simple, yet elegant

Although it seems muted, you should know that this metallic silver color doesn't hold back; it still offers a degree of elegance and refinement that will be recognized if you choose the proper paint job. On the other hand, Silver Metallic has a less formal and more youthful aspect due to its greater shine, which also makes it incredibly eye-catching.

Toyota Wigo silver metallic

Wigo in silver

Toyota Wigo White

White indicates purity and honesty, but it symbolizes simplicity, elegance, perfection, and youth. A white Wigo represents clean motions or a clean work environment. 

Toyota Wigo white

Classic white

These characteristics may be seen in newcomers to the market who attempt to inject life into a tranquil interior but neither chilly nor uninteresting.

Toyota Wigo Black

In the world of elegance and style, everything old is new again. Black is rooted in history and tradition, much like Wigos themselves. In fact, underneath that black exterior, there's a whole lot more to Wigos than you might normally expect. They're supremely durable!

Toyota Wigo black

Simple is the best

FAQs: What Are The Safest Colors For Cars?

The safest car on the road is a white one, so let's paint ours just like that! Why? Because it's 12% safer than black cars under any conditions. And why? Because it stands out from its surroundings in all kinds of ways, all kinds of weather - white is bold and bright and pops against other colors every time. 

FAQs: Where Is The Color Code On A Toyota Wigo?

You might encounter a color code when trying to lock your car. The code looks like a series of numbers, but it could be anywhere from one to four sets of numbers long. For example, C/TR:12/FH8, C/TR: A0/GU5, or C/TR:836/P09. You can try checking it on your own car or your upcoming Wigo.


In Conclusion

Isn't it amazing how a color can say so much about a person? It can send out strong signals of power. Toyota Wigo colors come with various options; you are free to choose the version that best suits your personality. Besides, there can also be custom versions for those who want to be unique, like Toyota Wigo red or Toyota Wigo blue.

We hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading and supporting Philcarprice!


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