Mitsubishi Adventure 2018 Philippines Price

P 952,000 - P 1,010,000

Resilient. Strong. Dependable. The Mitsubishi Freeca had many names in the many Asian countries that it has been driven on over the past 20 years that it has started being manufactured before its untimely phase out in 2017. And in those two decades, one thing is for sure, the demise of the lineup is too soon.

Kuda in Indonesia, Jolie in Vietnam, and in the Philippines, the Freeca is known as Mitsubishi Adventure. It’s ubiquity in the Philippine roads has truly perpetuated its legacy as the prime choice for MPV/SUV segment, in an era where the Asian Utility Vehicles (more commonly known as AUVs) dominated the automotive market.

It outlasted its batchmates- Toyota’s Tamaraw FX and Isuzu’s Hi-lander evolved into entirely different lines while Adventure has remained itself with very minimal cosmetic adjustments- major redesigns back in 2001  and then 2004 and another minor update in 2009, all with just the intent to keep up with production costs. The demand for an Adventure is heavily influenced by its affordability- why else is this SUV variant loved by Filipinos anyway?

There is also not much to talk about when it comes to design. What you see is what you get when it comes to Adventure. Aesthetics are not its selling point. It’s boxy, almost car-like features can be viewed as boring and traditional- but for the Filipino motorist, boring and traditional works as long as the functionality speaks for itself. Looks are subjective, anyhow.

Mitsubishi Adventure 2018 price in the Philippines

Model Price
Mitsubishi Adventure GLX ₱952,000
Mitsubishi Adventure GLS Sport  ₱1,010,000