Suzuki Celerio 2023 Price Philippines

P 708,000 - P 754,000

Suzuki is famous for its expertise in producing small, affordable cars. It just introduced the Suzuki Celerio, which will serve as one of two replacements for the popular Swift. Although nothing is yet exactly confirmed, it still promises to make budget-minded customers please. 

The Japanese Automaker just launched the all-new 2023 Suzuki Celerio and its motto is "Live Big Every Moment". In the belows, we would like to provide you with newest Suzuki Celerio 2023 price Philippines and review.

suzuki celerio 2022 price philippines

Suzuki Celerio 2023 Philippines


Suzuki Celerio 2023 Specs


When Suzuki introduces this new Suzuki Celerio 2023, there are expectations that it will be another excellent and useful addition to the driving experience. 

It features the first technology designed specifically with entry-level hatchbacks in mind that promise to make commuting more pleasurable than ever before.



Suzuki Celerio 2023

Seating capacity


Body type


Overall dimensions

Height: 1,555 mm

Width: 1,655 mm

Length: 3,695 mm


2,435 mm

Fuel tank capacity



998 cc

Engine type

1.0L Gasoline Engine, 3 Cylinder 12 Valve DOHC

Max power

Max torque

67 hp

90 Nm



Wheels and tires

Black Alloy Wheels, 175 / 60 / R15


Suzuki Celerio 2023 Price Philippines


A Suzuki Celerio 2023 ranges from ₱708,000 to ₱754,000. This price is based on the brand's variant and transmission. The base variant is 2023 Suzuki Celerio manual transmission variant costs ₱708,000, while the price of the auto gear shift version is higher at ₱754,000.



Price List

Suzuki Celerio GL - MT


Suzuki Celerio GL - AGS



Suzuki Celerio 2023 Review

Beside the Suzuki Celerio 2023 Price Philippines, we would like to inform you of the deep insights of Suzuki Celerio 2023 through our true review riding this car.

Compared to the 2021 version, this hatchback has a number of creature comforts. For instance, it has a 7-inch multimedia touchscreen system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, or some other features. 



On August 5th, 2015, the Suzuki Celerio was first made available for purchase in the Philippines. After years of upgrades, the Suzuki Celerio 2023 model will get a local launch in the Philippines in March 2023.




Compared to the 2023 model, the 2023 Suzuki Celerio dimensions are bigger. According to the manufacturer, the larger space would let the users enjoy their moments better. The experience is extraordinary.
At first sight, the Celerio takes inspiration from compact hatchback models. The Celerio's front is topped with a chrome grille, its hood dotted with prominent fog lights and outfitted beneath advanced bumpers that form with halogen headlights. 

For aggressiveness and power on the sides, the profile includes crease lines that connect wheel arches and flanking fog lamps without fail. Behind the vehicle sit sleek tail lights that run from the trunk to just short of the car's back. 

On top of the car, there is a stop lamp. The antenna on top is a little strange and seems out of place in this day and age. It makes the vehicle feel like you're driving an old sedan car. A rubber duck or a shark fin antenna would be much better.

suzuki celerio 2022 exterior

Suzuki Celerio 2023 exterior


2023 Suzuki Celerio uses black and silver on the inside of the car for an understated yet sophisticated design. Topping it off is fabric upholstery that brings everything together with a touch of class. 

The gauges come in analog form, with all the information you need for swift steering at your fingertips. It is represented by a tachometer, fuel consumption gauge, integrated into your speedometer cluster. It also has an instantaneous and average fuel consumption function for your convenience.

The center of the dash is that it reveals a 7-inch touchscreen display. Our favorite goodies might be all that cargo space. It expands to over 254 liters.

2022 Suzuki Celerio interior

Suzuki Celerio 2023 interior

Technology And Safety Features

When talking about safety features, this vehicle doesn't disappoint. It requires all of the basic standards, including dual airbags, ABS, 3-point ELR seat belts, reverse sensor, ISOFIX tethers, side-impact beams, and immobilizer. 

Although there is no constant audible warning sound to remind you of your seatbelt, the indicator in the dash will show you whether you have fastened it or not. It's also good to be mindful of locking up when driving as this car doesn't have a sensing door lock. 


Engine And Drive

The 2023 Suzuki Celerio is a fuel-efficient car that earns a 5-star rating for its overall performance. It comes with a manual transmission or a CVT gearbox. With a DOHC engine, it can deliver a decent 67 horsepower at 6000 rpm.

Accelerating on the highway felt a bit stiff at times, but the Suzuki Celerio handled roads at high speeds with ease. The steering wheel sometimes felt heavy while maneuvering city streets, but the feedback was great once it hit higher speeds. 

Their Bridgestone tires have some struggle to tread smoothly over bumps and dips in the road. However, they still have a good grip. This car controls NVH quite nicely, but you might still hear the noise when running too fast.



There are six options for customers to consider when purchasing this car: Speedy Blue Metallic, Silky Silver, Fire Red, Pure White Pearl, Pearl Super Black, and Glistening Grey Metallic.


Suzuki Celerio 2023 Philippines Pros And Cons


  • Receptive and fuel-efficient engine.
  • Large headroom and good luggage capacity.
  • Multiple color options.


  • Not equipped with advanced safety features.
  • Not completely noise, vibration, and harshness insulation.
  • Lackluster stiff ride quality and engine performance.
Suzuki Celerio 2022 Philippines

Suzuki Celerio 2023

Suzuki Celerio Vs Toyota Wigo

For an entry-level hatchback at an affordable price, the two best options are Suzuki Celerio and Toyota Wigo. They both come from popular brands and are budget-friendly, but which one of them is suitable for you?

Just looking at the design and models of these two cars will say a lot about how each manufacturer sees its audience. 

The 2023 Toyota Wigo appears to have been designed with a youthful and dynamic appearance. Suzuki Celerio, on the other hand, is reaching out to a wider audience with their more calmed down model.

The Toyota Wigo may not have an extensive list of features, but that is no sacrifice to quality standards. And inside the Suzuki Celerio, the appliances include only standard features without any premium upgrade. But they still do the job just fine.

The Celerio would be the best choice to drive without any problems in city conditions, as it has a much smoother performance compared to the Wigo.



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