Suzuki Swift 2023 Price Philippines

P 898,000 - P 898,000

The annual price updates of car models are always in the spotlight, and Suzuki Swift is also a prominent name among them. Specifically, Suzuki Swift 2023 Price Philippines is the information many Suzuki lovers are looking forward to.

If you are also waiting for details on this topic, this article will answer all your questions. Start discovering right here!

suzuki swift 2022 price philippines

Suzuki Swift 2023 Philippines

Overview: Suzuki Swift 2023 Philippines

About Suzuki-Swift

In 1983, the Suzuki-Swift line in Suzuki Automation began to develop, and it was produced as a supermini (subcompact). Moreover, this model is widely produced worldwide and has three generations launched in 2004, 2010, and 2017.

In addition, this line also has four main body configurations:

  • Hatchback: three-door, five-door, two-door convertible.
  • Sedan: four-door.
  • Suzuki-G engine family

Up to the present time, versions of Suzuki-Swift have always been a name that has won much in the car market. In particular, the Suzuki Swift 2023 Philippines is a new and most sought-after version. 

Competitors in the same segment

In the mid-range hatchback segment, the Suzuki Swift 2023 has many outstanding competitors such as Toyota Yaris, Kia Rio, and Mazda 2. All of them cost nearly the same as Suzuki Swift 2023 price Philippines

Although there are numerous contenders in the market, Suzuki-Swift is not inferior and capable enough to beat the competition in terms of design, engine, and price. 

Specifically, this line provides two separate categories, manual and CVT, for you to choose from. Moreover, the exterior and interior designs are upgraded impressively compared to the old line. 

Although this line does not have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration like other competitors, Swift's entertainment screen reaches 8 inches.

Many people were surprised that this line was designed to integrate some racing features with a D-shaped steering wheel, and you can use these features to control your phone or audio.

Generally, the Swift has a lower price tag than its competitors, but it offers an array of attractive amenities, an entirely new design, and a smooth engine. To most specifically explain why the Swift line is rated higher than other types in the same segment, please refer to the details below! 

suzuki swift 2022 philippines

Suzuki Swift 2023

Suzuki Swift 2023 specs

Refer to the detailed specifications in the following table:


Body class


Number of seats




Overall dimensions

Height: 1495mm 

Length 3840mm 

Width 1735mm




Bluetooth, USB, and Aux

Fuel Kind






Front-wheel drive



Front and Rear Parking Sensors

Not Available


Three years (100000 km)

Max Output (HP)

82HP @ 6,000rpm


Suzuki Swift 2023 Price Philippines

From the latest updates, the prices of 2023 model has risen a bit and there is no more Suzuki Swift manual transmission version. Refer to the following table! 



Suzuki Swift 2023 Price 

Swift 1.2GL CVT



Suzuki Swift 2023 Review

In addition to Suzuki Swift 2023 Price Philippines, to get the most specific look at this car, immediately refer to the information about Suzuki Swift 2022 review right below!


With sedan partner Drize, "Suzuki Swift 2023 model" was launched in mid-2018. Unlike the old models, this new version brings a completely new image. Specifically, Suzuki has researched and invested heavily in this new update by eliminating the old boxy design. 

Moreover, the manufacturer offers you two types of variants to easily choose according to your needs: manual (5 speed) and CTV. While the GLX level only has a CVT, you can easily choose a manual transmission in the GL. 


Suzuki Swift 2023 colors are considered diverse and attractive because it offers a series of different color versions to help you have more options, specifically:

  • Mineral Gray Metallic
  • Speedy Blue Metallic
  • Pure White Pearl
  • Ablaze Red Pearl


This line of cars looks quite similar to sports cars, but they have smoother and softer lines. In addition, this hatchback is equipped with LED daytime operating lights and LED projector headlights. Not only that, the taillights and fog lights are also equipped with LED lights.

suzuki swift 2022 exterior

Suzuki Swift 2023 exterior


Suzuki Swift 2023 interior is highly appreciated because its design is flexible, modern, and extremely convenient. 

Specifically, you will easily notice that the car's interior has a dominant color of black. This color creates an extremely sophisticated and modern feature for the interior space.

It is worth mentioning that you can easily take advantage of this car for personal work and for the whole family to use because it is integrated with many convenient designs. 

This flexibility can include the integration of a kid seat anchor lock to help you keep a high status of safety for children when sitting in the car.

If you use the car for cargo, you can use the "one-touch" feature on the back seat to fold it to create free space for cargo. Moreover, you can also use the automated air conditioning feature offered on each variant.

suzuki swift 2022 interior

Suzuki Swift 2023 interior


If you care about the safety mode of this car, you will surely be satisfied because it is equipped with safety features as standard. Especially after the test and evaluation, the Suzuki-Swift series was rated up to 4 stars by ASEAN NCAP.

Safety components on this hatchback include:

  • Standard brake system EBD and ABS.
  • Central locking and electronic locking.
  • One airbag system for both driver and passenger.
  • "3-point" seat belt standard.
  • The bodywork is designed to absorb and disperse impacts according to Suzuki's TECT technology.
  • Built-in injury reduction mechanism for outside pedestrians.


The touch screen part in this model ranges from 7 to 8 inches, based on the variant. The connection system is quite flexible and can use both AUX, USB, and Bluetooth.

It is worth mentioning that the sound is designed to pass through both the front and rear speakers to help you relax in the most vibrant sound space. In addition, based on the line you choose, the ignition system starts, and the automatic/manual climate control method differs. 

Engine and Drive

For this model, the engine part is equipped with:

  • Gasoline: 1.2-liter K12M.
  • Engine 82hp - 6,000 rpm
  • 113 Nm of torque 4,200.

If you are a fan of fuel-efficient cars, Suzuki-Swift is the best choice in this segment. In addition, each variant will have different engine combinations, such as the top GL using a CVT and the base GL using a five-speed manual. 

Analyze Advantages And Disadvantages


  • High fuel economy.
  • New and unique designed control panel.
  • The integrated LED lights in the car light sections provide great support for night driving.


  • The air conditioning system is still quite weak.
  • No speed sensor door lock.
  • The overall processing ability is still limited.


All details related to Suzuki Swift 2023 Price Philippines have been answered in the sections above. If you are a fan of Suzuki, this hatchback will be the best choice in this segment because of the affordable price tag of a series of new designs.

If you are interested in this topic on Philcarprice, you can explore more of our related sections. Hope this information is useful to you!




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