The New Toyota Fortuner 2023 Soon Arrives At The Philippines

Updated Sep 03, 2022

Toyota Fortuner has always been a popular 7-seater SUV model in the Philippines market. Toyota Fortuner 2023 is expected to launch to global users in the coming months with a series of notable upgrades, promising to make formidable rival models like the Hyundai Santa Fe be wary. 

2023 Fortuner has just been upgraded with many features in the latest  Philippines market with 3 versions Fortuner Leader, Fortuner Legender and Fortuner GR Sport. Read the article below to find out what makes Toyota Fortune 2023 Philippines stand out from its predecessors.

Toyota Fortuner 2023 variants

Toyota Fortuner variants​

2023 Toyota Fortuner 2023 Overview

The exact Toyota Fortuner 2023 release date has not been announced, but it is expected that the car will be launched soon since its recent announcement was held in the early August. The car manufacture has decided to replace the non-Legender (aka the LTD in our market) variants by a new ‘Leader’ trim. It is now the starting variants of this car model, and the advanced version is called Legender.

Overall from the front, the first impression is that the front bumper extends to the sides, highlighting the strong, sporty and solid appearance of a real SUV. The front bumper design is slightly forward, with angular embossed lines. The chrome splint in the upper grille is seamless with the chrome brace above the front lights, extending to the rear while the headlights are designed deep into the side of the car to increase the sense of width of the car.

Toyota Fortuner 2023 Philippines

Toyota Fortuner 2023

Bi-LED headlights with projector technology equipped on Toyota Fortuner 2023 4×4 have a modern design with high-class equipment such as automatic switching on and off, automatic adjustment of projection angle, guiding lights. Comes with a sophisticated and luxurious LED daytime running light strip. In Toyota Fortuner V and G versions, they are equipped with Bi-Halogen lights. The front fog lights in all 3 versions have a strong and modern design with a low center of gravity, giving a more luxurious and solid feel.

2023 Toyota Fortuner Interior

The all new Toyota Fortuner 2023 stands out with a sophisticated and modern interior by elaborate and meticulous details creating the image of a luxury SUV. From the moment they step into the cabin, passengers will feel completely satisfied with the high-quality brown interior material, which is decorated quite delicately and the leather details with alternating stitching or silver-plated details. luxury with FORTUNER logo in many positions.

Toyota Fortuner interior

Toyota Fortuner 2023 interior

The luxury of interior space is really upgraded on Toyota Fortuner 2023 when the steering wheel of the 3-spoke Toyota Fortuner V version is covered with leather, chrome-plated wood panels while the Toyota Fortuner G version uses urethane material, both All are integrated with audio and air-conditioning control keys, hands-free comfort, and extremely convenient voice control.

2023 Toyota Fortuner Engine & Operate

The new Toyota Fortuner is equipped with a completely new 2.4L 2GD-FTV diesel engine, 4 cylinders in line, with variable turbocharger technology in which the intake air cooler is located in front of the grille and The 6-speed manual transmission helps the car operate better and is also quieter.

2023 Fortuner V with improved 2TR-FE gasoline engine, 2.7 liters, 4 cylinders in line, 16 valves, dual camshafts, dual VVT-I and 6-speed automatic transmission to ensure smooth operation features and easy. The dual VVT-i intelligent valve train system is a first-class advancement in fuel economy and the ability to quickly reach high and safe speeds right from the start.

Fortuner Leader

The Leader trim


The addition of comfort and safety equipment to the new Toyota Fortuner 2023 is timely at a time when rival models are currently being significantly upgraded, threatening the market share of this SUV in the Philippines. With a prestigious brand and impressive features, this model has the potential to be in the top selling cars in the Philippines.

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