Ford Bronco 2022 Price Philippines, Specs And Reviews

P 1,559,011 - P 2,589,752

Ford Bronco 2022 is one of the most popular and the most anticipated cars in the world. It has a powerful engine which allows you to drive on any terrain. You can use this car for many purposes like off-roading, hunting, off-road racing, or just daily driving. 

Our article will look at what is new at this vehicle, Ford Bronco 2022 Price Philippines, and what’s special about this car. Read more about it right here on our post!

About Ford And Ford Bronco

Ford Automobile Corporation - an American automobile producer headquartered in Detroit - was established in 1903. According to yearly car revenues, the company is the number two biggest automaker across the United States and ranks fifth worldwide.

ford bronco 2022 price philippines

Ford Bronco 2022 Philippines

The firm holds shares in numerous other manufacturers. After a series of sales and exchanges, the car company still maintains its position in the market so far.

Along with its trademarks, the firm is also famous for its production advancements, with an establishment of the “assembly line” procedure popular among automobile manufacturers.

One of the wildest cars of Ford is the Ford Bronco. It was established as a new breed in 1966. Throughout history, it has been innovated and changed a lot. Nevertheless, the wild still remained in the car and the Bronco is assigned to “set the mold for the modern SUV”. 

Ford Bronco 2022 Price Philippines and Details

What a pity that this Ford car is not available in the Philippines currently. However, we still want to take you a look at how amazing this car is. 


Bronco is such a great car and below is its specification. What do you think about this vehicle and its details? Do they catch up to your expectations? 



Ford Bronco 2022 Specs

Number of seats





Height TBC

Length 172.7 inches

Width 74.3 inches


105.1 inches

Fuel tank volume

14 gallons

Cylinder volume

1498 cc

Engine Design

5.0-liter V8 Gas

Max power

480 HP at 7000 RPM

Max torque

420 lb-ft at 4600 RPM


8-speed automatic




Front: MacPherson Strut; Back: Torsion Beam


What Is Coming In 2022?

A Sasquatch package with a basic seven-speed gearbox and a few extra accessories have been introduced, like tube doors, a dashboard, and an exterior design kit. 

Heavily loaded storage bags on doors, and a range of delicate options, are no longer available.

Additionally, new red and green shades will be replaced in the color choices, and some exterior shades are no longer produced. 

Next, here is the Ford Bronco 2022 price Philippines in the description below.

Ford Bronco 2022 Price Philippines

The 2-door type prices at p155,901,1 while the 4-door one costs p177,103,4. Although there have been significant modifications since the debut, its minor breakdown through multiple revisions, the design still gives a highly useful deeper look at their feature set. 

Additionally, the extra destination fee is applied to all designs and prices.

Noted: The 2022 Ford Bronco is not officially available in the Philippines so the price list below are converted from the US Dollar. And, if the car is imported, the price will absolutely higher since you have to pay extra taxes and fees.




Basic Base: P1,559,011.

Big Bend: P1.788,660.

Black Diamond: P1,924,253.

Outer Banks: P​​207,272,1.

Badlands: P2,233,143.

Wildtrak: P2,503,154.

Basic Base: P1,771,034.

Big Bend: P1,907,956.

Black Diamond: P2,044,110.

Outer Banks: P2,192,527.

Badlands: P2,352,949.

Wildtrak: P2,589,752.

Ford Bronco 2021 Price Philippines

There are still 6 versions in 2021’s model but there is a slight rise in the cost to own a Bronco in 2022 compared to 2021’s. Although the price is higher over a year, the car is worth that extra money thanks to some new innovations in the ‘22 model.

ford bronco price philippines

Ford Bronco 2022 Price Philippines

Ford Bronco 2022 Review


Manufacturers make an appropriately tough, vintage, and complementing exterior with the Ford Bronco interior. The cabin’s interior receives a dash of color that highlights these designs. 

Rubber grips and buttons, ceiling intermediary switches, a sealable console center, strap cables, and storage pouches with infographics explaining how to place them properly in the luggage compartment are some thoughtful details provided by manufacturers.


People expected the 4-door to be larger, but unfortunately, it can not be that huge. But anyway, the design is perfect for a family and friends trip. The seat comfortably fits without requiring too much movement.

On the other hand, the 2-door type loses much more than doors. A major difference is its dimensions are significantly smaller. The rear seat reduces a small leg space, and the luggage compartment shrinks. 

But after all, its smaller proportions are advantageous when driving, and the spacious area for fresh air involves choosing two doors over four.

ford bronco 2022

Ford Bronco 2022 Exterior


There are plenty of current options to choose from, most noticeably those related to a multimedia system, which means there are different Ford Bronco 2022 prices for each version. The fundamental UI is still the same but with new regular and additional displays. 

To someone who is not a fan of digital amusement, these features are not a concern, but it demands a significant mental shift while running the manual drive. Even though it is electronic, there is zero chance to modify the design.

Safety features

Impact prevention with road pedestrian recognition and intelligent emergency braking are standard features. It also includes side airbags, common on an SUV rather than a convertible. Worth noting that the rear mirrors are permanently affixed rather than being detachable.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ford Bronco 2022


  • Surprisingly good appearance
  • Huge potential
  • A genuine segment-leading competitor


  • Weak structural quality
  • Unpleasant driving experience
  • No manual gearbox to such a large engine

Ford Bronco 2022 Dealership In Philippines




Dagupan City, Pangasinan


Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte

General Santos City

Dadiangas North, General Santos City


Libis Quezon City Metro Manila

Metro Baguio

Tuba, Benguet


City of San Fernando, Pampanga


Balintawak Quezon City


Pastor Village, Batangas City


Calamba, Laguna


Nivel Hills, Cebu City, Cebu

ford bronco philippines

Ford Bronco 2022 Dealership Philippines


Ford has proven its position in the car manufacturing market. The Ford Bronco 2022 Price Philippines has proven a slick come back of a strong and terrain design. 

These products do not come cheap, but we may be looking at a more attractive price tag when released in the future. The overall features new equipment, some can be familiar, and some advantages and drawbacks that you can consider. 


And don’t forget an exclusive package is coming in 2022, along with several shades and accessories that are no longer available in the new design. So, make sure to take them for reference before paying. These are why you should keep your eye on the upcoming release date for this car!

Finally, thank you for reading our article. You can find out more about car reviews in our related posts and check back often to see what was recently published.



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