Honda Civic 2022 Price Philippines - The Next Level Of The Safety

P 1,290,000 - P 1,690,000

The Honda Civic has always been a reliable, affordable option for car buyers in the Philippines. The 2022 model is expected to continue that tradition with affordable prices. 

Honda Cars Philippines Inc (HCPI) is excited to announce that their 11th generation Civic will make its Philippine debut on November 23, 2021. The new model was first revealed in Thailand last year and we can't wait until it arrives here.

While the exact specs and features of the new Civic have not yet been released, we can expect it to be as popular as ever with its cutting-edge design, fuel efficiency, and spacious interior. 

Stay tuned for updates on the Honda Civic 2022 price Philippines.

honda civic 2022 price philippines

A classic Honda Civic

About Honda And Honda Civic 2022

Honda Motor is a Japanese company that began as an unknown brand in 1946. It has since progressed from humble beginnings, and now Honda products can be found on every continent except Antarctica. 

Mr Soichiro, who had been an excellent engineer during his racing days and still carried that love for motors with him, founded the Honda Technical Research Institute, which would eventually become one of Japan's most well-known companies in the world today. 

The company was born to manufacture, repair, and develop motorbikes and motorbikes. Two years after its establishment, Honda Technical Research Institute released its first product and officially changed its name to Honda Motor.

The all new Honda Civic 2022 has just been released in the Philippines and it attracted so much attentions from the car-lovers. Let's dive in and find out more details about this amazing vehicle.

Honda Civic 2022 price

The new look of the Honda Civic

Honda Civic 2022 Price In The Philippines

The 2022 Honda Civic Philippines is one of the most affordable cars in its class, with prices starting at just ₱1.290 million for a base variant S Turbo CVT Honda SENSING and topping out at ₱1.690 Million if you opt on an RS Turbo CVT Honda SENSING version equipped with all that sensing tech. 

Here is the full price list of the new Civic:

 Variant Price 
RS Turbo CVT Honda SENSING  PHP 1.690.000
V Turbo CVT Honda SENSING   PHP 1.498.000
S Turbo CVT Honda SENSING  PHP 1.290.000

Honda Civic 2022 Specs


Honda Civic 2022

Seating capacity


Body type


Overall dimensions

Height 4678 mm

Length 1415 mm

Width 1802 mm


2735 mm

Fuel tank capacity

47 l


1498 cc

Max power

Max torque

175 hp @ 6,000 rpm, 240Nm @ 4,500 rpm



Wheels and Tire

18 x 8J RS Matte Black Alloy Wheels


Front MacPherson

Rear Multi-link

Honda Civic 2022 Update Compared To The 2021 Version

To whet our appetites for the Civic's premiere, Honda has given a number of details about the impending sedan. For starters, the 11th model sedan will be available in three configurations, each with a supercharged 1.5-liter VTEC engine.

The Honda Civic will now come standard with an improved safety system that includes collision mitigation braking, lane-keeping assist and road departure prevention. The vehicle also features a lead car notification service - a feature new in the Sensing suite of intelligent technologies offered by this automaker. The biggest update is the Honda SENSING system is now available on the 2022 model.

Honda Civic 2022 Review


The redesigned Honda Civic 2022 is a sleek and sporty sedan that features an even sleeker design than before. 

The front has two C-shaped accents on both sides of the grille for added elegance, while displaying boldness with its large lower grill panelling typical in their commercials or promos videos.

These details create an eye-catching look from any angle you approach it from making this car much cooler than ever thought possible. 

The Sedan's back bumper has a cleaner look and no longer features the faux grilles from its predecessor. The output tone should be professional now, only one silver bar on either side with rear lights resembling an upside-down "L".  

The Chevy Traverse is a wonderful family vehicle that offers the best safety and convenience. Features like push-to release fuel filler door, remote entry security system with alarm and LED brake light.

There will never be an issue when it comes time to drive your kids back from school or pick up groceries on those busy days. 


The all-new Honda Civic 2022 will be available in five colors: 

  • Lunar Silver Metallic (S Turbo CVT variant only)
  • Morning Mist Blue Metallic (except for the RS Turbo CVT variant)
  • Meteoroid Gray Metallic
  • Platinum White Pearl (except for the S Turbo CVT variant)
  • Ignite Red Metallic (RS Turbo CVT variant only)

honda civic price philippines

A red Honda Civic

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

The Honda Civic interior is getting a sleek, more streamlined redesign in 2022. The dashboard features an interesting honeycomb-patterned mesh design element that cleverly hides air vents. 

They make it easier for you to see what you're doing at night or on the go with less clutter around your shift lever. 

Passenger space has been maintained, and there are now bins right ahead of where they were before for storing smartphones/keys if needed and snacks during long car rides.

Honda Civic interior

The new interior design of the Civic


A Civic will offer a host of driver-assistance features, including automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control that can keep you in your lane. In the same time, this 2022 Civic is the first ever sedan of Honda Philippines to be equipped with the Honda SENSING - a pride of the Japanese automaker. They committed that the all-new Honda Civic makes the protaction when driving to be on a next level. Your ride is now safer and more fun. Just enjoy the acceleration!

For more information about these cars' crash test results, visit the NHTSA or IIHS websites. 

The most important safety features are:

  • Automatic emergency braking is standard.
  • Lane departure detection with lane-keeping assistance is standard.
  • Adaptive cruise control is a standard feature.
  • Honda SENSING

Engine and Transmission

The Civic continues to have a unique powertrain in the auto industry.

While still not powerful enough for some people's needs, the base Honda Civic engine offers 158 horsepower and can be upgraded with any other available options like larger turbos or fuel cells if you're looking specifically at performance cars.

The new Civic's continuously variable transmission is standard, but it can be made more engaging with a six-speed manual. 

There are a variety of models and trim levels to choose from when it comes to your Sport Touring hatchback. We tested the most basic model, which did slightly better than average at 7 seconds flat-out, thanks partly to its responsive handling traits.

Honda Civic engine

2022 Honda Civic engine with Turbo

Honda Civic Pros And Cons


  • It drives a lot better than it needs.
  • Honda Civic design for an interior that is upscale and well-appointed.
  • Style is more mature than before. 


  • The cabin can be a little noisy at times.
  • CVT can be clumsy at times.
  • Many of the greatest interior elements are only available with the Touring trim level.


The Honda Civic 2022 is a great new car that has everything you need to be able to get around town quickly and efficiently. 

This vehicle will meet your every transportation need, whether you're looking for an affordable sedan or want something sportier. 

If this sounds like the perfect fit for your lifestyle, then now's the time to start planning how much it'll cost. Hope our article on can help you out!

Hopefully, you can find "Honda Civic 2022 price Philippines" informative and useful. Start to prepare your finances if Pilot 2022 fits your lifestyle. If you are interested in other car models, feel free to visit our


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