Honda HR-V 2018 Philippines Price

P 1,260,000 - P 1,634,000

The Honda HR-V was born to be a subcompact crossover SUV built by Honda spanning 2 generations. The 1st gen was developed from the Honda Logo and went on sale in the European, Japanese and certain Asia-Pacific markets from 1999 to 2006. The 2nd gen is built from the 3rd-gen Honda Fit and sold in Australia, Brazil, North America and selective Asian markets in 2015 including the Philippines. 

The HR-V promises to bring you an exhilarating drive by combining great fuel-efficiency and power. This is created by an agile, lightweight and stable chassis, plus emission-lowering technology that's definitely safe for the environment. 

Honda HR-V 2018 price in the Philippines
 Model Price
Honda HR-V 1.8 E CVT P1,260,000
Honda HR-V 1.8 E CVT Modulo P1,430,000
Honda HR-V 1.8 E CVT MUGEN P1,537,000
Honda HR-V 1.8 EL CVT P1,480,000
Honda HR-V 1.8 EL CVT MUGEN P1,634,000