Nissan Leaf 2023 Price Philippines

P 2,798,000 - P 2,798,000

If you’re planning to purchase a new Nissan Leaf model, this detailed Nissan Leaf 2023 Price Philippines review may meet all your requirements. You’re probably deciding whether to purchase this Nissan Leaf 2023.

Starting from ₱2,798,000, this model from Nissan Philippines has been evaluated as one of the most affordable electric cars, which offers you a lot of incredible specifications compared to other rivals at this price. This article will provide the Nissan Leaf specs, price, and other remarkable features. To better understand, let’s scroll down!

Nissan Leaf 2023 Price Philippines

Although this 2023 model is an updated version, the Nissan Leaf Price Philippines comes at a significant discount regardless of the upgraded features. It means that you can purchase it with the latest specifications at a reasonable price. 

Here’s the comparison table of the new and old version’s prices:


Nissan Leaf 2023 Price

Nissan Leaf 2021 Price

Nissan Leaf EV 40 kWh



2023 Nissan Leaf Differences In Comparison With 2021 Model

Beside the difference in Nissan Leaf 2023 price Philippines and 2021, the Nissan Leaf 2021 and 2023 are hatchbacks with paltry differences in exterior style and shape factor. The most interesting change is that Nissan has increased the EV’s poor 73-mile approximated range into a more acceptable 226-mile maximum. 

This remarkable adjustment will make you feel free to explore further places and more comfortable driving the long distance.  

Moreover, the manufacturer also includes a 50-kW quick-charge portable charging cord in its list of standard equipment. The Nissan Leaf charging time will be faster, so you won’t need to wait for too long.

Nissan Leaf 2023 Pros And Cons


  • Spacious passenger areas
  • Speedy acceleration
  • Easy-to-use infotainment system
  • Affordable base price


  • Rough back seats’ fold
  • Indifferent cabin materials

2023 Nissan Leaf Specifications In Comparison With 2021 Model

Nissan Leaf 2021 specs

The old Nissan Leaf version 2021 accelerates rapidly from a stop, provides a good all-electric driving range, and rides over bumps in the road with ease.

Two powerful powertrains are available for this old vehicle. The conventional setup is powerful enough to propel the car forward rapidly. If you go a lot of highway travel, the 2023 Nissan Leaf battery is better because the greater horsepower allows the car to merge and pass easily.

For safety features, the old generation has been equipped with six specific types of airbags, child safety locks, and so on, making it standard for protecting passengers.

Nissan Leaf 2023 specs


Nissan Leaf 2023

Seating Capacity


Body Type

S Hatchback

Overall Dimensions

176.4 x 70.5 x 61.4 inches


106.3 inches



Max Power

147 bhp@ 3283 rpm

Max Torque

236 Nm



Nissan Leaf 2023 Review


The first characteristic of this Nissan Leaf review comes with the vehicle exterior. This new model has a polished and modern design. One of its key attractions is the muscular front grille, which is enhanced with some slick black material and a chrome strip that smoothly forms the V-Motion grille. 

Nissan Leaf exterior

Nissan Leaf exterior

As this is an EV, you will find no petrol cap. Instead, a charging port is greatly built into the vehicle's front end. It has halogen headlights and fog lights, as well as LED daytime running lights.

Going around the side, there's still a lot of chrome and a black panel that creates the impression of a floating roofline. Depending on the color palette, black features might be additionally included.


The Nissan Leaf interior has a roomy space for five people. The new generation offers a lot of soft-touch materials in terms of material quality. Furthermore, it provides drivers with a decent-sized glovebox, cup holders, and various storage bins, among other features.

Fabric seats with manual adjustment are available in the new model only. The steering wheel is leather-wrapped for extra driving ease, and the car has music controls and other necessary buttons.

Nissan Leaf interior

Nissan Leaf interior


Nissan Leaf electric car is considered to have a great powertrain compared to other competitors at this economic price. It is powered by a 40-kWh battery that produces 147 horsepower and 236 Nm of torque. 

The manufacturer has equipped the car with a laminated lithium-ion battery, which contains various cells providing a great energy density and good charging capability.

Nissan assures that the updated Leaf model can have a respectable range of 311 kilometers after being fully charged. The electric engine is also connected to a single-speed reduction gearbox, which affects the vehicle’s energy retention.  

Additionally, the vehicle comes with an illuminated charging port with a smart lock and unlock capabilities.

Nissan Leaf engine

Nissan Leaf engine


The car provides standard technology features such as Nissan Intelligent key system, automatic climate control, infotainment system, and so on. The sound system is a combination of six speakers with two tweeters and four ordinary speakers.


Other driver-assist technology highlights include the Nissan e-Pedal, which uses the motion of the car to stop and recharge its batteries, making the driver's experience more convenient.


The Nissan safety features include the popular AVM (Around View Monitor), BSW (Blind Spot Warning), ICC (Intelligent Cruise Control), rear cross traffic alert, high beam assist, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, Intelligent Trace Control, I-DA (Intelligent Driver Alertness), and Intelligent LI. 

The AVM is a great system combined with Moving Object Detection. They assist drivers in navigating tight barriers and avoiding clashes.

Some of these security features are examined and developed by Nissan, making the car unique and recognizable. Apart from that, this EV comes with a collection of airbags and other standard protection features.


If you're considering buying the new generation of this model, you can read through this Nissan Leaf 2023 Price Philippines. We assure you that it will help you understand the price of this new model and its features and functionality. Then, you can make your own decisions on whether the engine and technology suit your budget best. 

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