Toyota Camry 2022 Price Philippines

P 1,871,000 - P 2,072,000

The Toyota Camry 2022 is one of the most popular cars in the country. The car has been around for many years, and it shows no signs of stopping. Read to learn more about Toyota Camry 2022 price Philippines and other relevant information about this iconic vehicle!


Toyota is the first automaker in the world that produces more than 10 million vehicles per year, which it has done since 2012. Toyota Motor Corporation manufactures vehicles under five brands, including the Toyota, Hino, Lexus, Ranz, and Daihatsu brands.

Toyota Camry is one of the typical car products of the luxury car segment. The Toyota Camry is not only considered by car players as a noble car from Japan, but also by experts as one of the car products that have all three factors: luxury, reliability, and high safety.

Toyota Camry 2022 Specs


Toyota Camry 2022 2.0G

Toyota Camry 2022 2.5Q

Seating Capacity

5 people

Body Type


Overall Dimensions

4885x 1840  x 1445 mm


2825 mm

Fuel tank capacity

60 liters

Engine model

6AR-FSE, 4 cylinders in line, 16 valves, DOHC, VVT-iW (Intake valve) & VVT-i (Exhaust valve), D-4S direct injection

2AR-FE, 4 cylinders in line, 16 valves, DOHC, Dual VVT-i, ACIS


1998 cc

2494 cc

Max power

123KW (165 HP)/6500

135 KW(181 Hp)/6000

Max torque



Hood insulator



6-speed automatic

Suspension (Front/Rear)

Mc Pherson/McPherson Struts/ Double Wishbone

Breakers (Front/Rear)

Radiator disc / solid plate

Wheels & Tires



SRS Airbags

3 ELR points, 5 positions

Toyota Camry 2022 Price Philippines

Here are the Toyota Camry 2022 price that you can look for:

Toyota Camry 2022 Price Philippines


Suggested retail price

Toyota Camry 2022 2.0G

2.291.020,89 PHP

Toyota Camry 2022 2.5Q

2.749.670,36 PHP

Toyota Camry 2022 Monthly Amortization


Down Payment

(20-30% of SRP)

Monthly Payment

(7 years)

Annual Interest

Toyota Camry 2022 2.0G

556.613,43 PHP

29.805,43 PHP


Toyota Camry 2022 2.5Q

667.936,12 PHP

24.913,17 PHP


Reviews of Toyota Camry 2022

Now, let’s discover more about this vehicle to see if it suit your demand or not via this Toyota Camry 2022 review:


In fact, perfection is the only word that we use to describe Toyota Camry. 

The Toyota Camry 2022 version brings a new, extremely eye-catching appearance with seamlessness in every design detail - which is the center of attraction for all eyes on the race!

In fact, perfection is the only word that we use to describe Toyota Camry. 

The front of the car

The luxury and seamless design comes from the long, soft grille connecting the two elongated light clusters and the prominent Toyota logo in the middle. 

The light cluster is designed with a strong sporty design and integrates Auto Light technology, technology to balance the projection angle and guiding lights. The car has a rearview mirror with electric adjustment, folding and anti-stagnation function.

The body

The body of the Toyota Camry 2022 is highlighted with a system of embossed lines running along the body or chrome-plated lines around the car glass. With two optional versions, customers can choose from a set of 17 or 18-inch multi-spoke wheels.

The rear of the car 

The rear of the car retains the typical details and straight lines of the previous generation. The manufacturer connects the LED taillights through a set of thick, shiny chrome braces. 

The lower reflector has also been reduced and slimmer. The dual exhaust system helps the car to increase health and sportiness.

The car has a sunroof that automatically balances the electricity to bring you the exciting experience of moments of harmony with fresh nature.


Toyota Camry 2022 owns a very luxurious and comfortable interior space with many modern and high-class technologies. Entering the Camry 2022, you will have a feeling of complete relaxation, peace and seem to be separate from the noisy world of traffic outside.

Steering wheel design

Toyota Camry 2022 remains loyal to the familiar 3-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel. To increase sophistication, the Japanese automaker has increased the aluminum layer to cover the bottom spokes. Comes with the steering wheel are many convenient buttons and memory functions to help users easily control.

Toyota Camry 2022 owns a very luxurious and comfortable interior space with many modern and high-class technologies.

Seating equipment

All seats on the car use high-quality leather upholstery. The front seats are integrated with a 10-way power adjustment function with armrests, cup holders, etc. 

If the Camry 2.0G 2022 does not have a memory function for the driver's seat, customers can completely choose version 2.5Q 2021 to own this feature. The rear seats with an electric reclining feature (2.5Q) create comfort and smoothness on every long road.

Both versions have front passenger seats with 8-way power adjustment. The difference between these two versions lies in the rear seats, as the rear seats of the 2.0G version are fixed, and you cannot move them. Meanwhile, on the 2.5Q version, customers can adjust the electric recline.

The car includes a navigation system, an information indicator system that helps the driver easily grasp all information and feel secure in driving the car. In addition, the Toyota Camry 2022 also includes an 8-inch DVD screen and 9 speakers with the famous JBL brand (2.5Q version) to create elegance and class.

Storage space

The storage space is quite spacious, reaching 484L. Passengers can tweak the rear seats to have more space for the trunk.

Technology & Safety Features

In terms of safety, its electronic handbrake function reduces the inconvenience of having to stop waiting for a red light by maintaining brake pressure at the wheels. This function automatically releases brake pressure when the driver depresses the accelerator pedal.

The safety system of up to 7 airbags is equipped on the vehicle to provide absolute safety in all sitting positions. TRC brake force control system and power transmission to the wheels help the car easily start or accelerate on slippery roads. 

In particular, the system goes with an off button (OFF) for customers to be flexible when using.

Model 1 is still equipped with features, such as horizontal departure (HAC), to prevent the car from sliding backward when departing on inclined terrain. 

The VSC electronic balance system controls slippage and enhances the vehicle's stability when cornering, which ensures that the vehicle always follows the desired trajectory. This car has a reversing camera that enhances the ability to observe objects, helping the driver feel secure when backing up.

Toyota Camry 2022 Pros and Cons


  • Young, dynamic modern design

  • Fully equipped with high-end features

  • Be the first choice in the compact sedan segment

  • Improvements in technology, comfort as well as other safety equipment

  • Enough space for the whole family


  • No manual transmission

Brand Dealers in the Philippines

Here are some best dealers for Toyota Camry 2022 Philippines purchasing:

10 Toyota Camry 2022 Dealers Philippines





Toyota Abad Santos

2210 151, Tondo, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

+63 2 8230 1111

Toyota Commonwealth

Commonwealth Ave. Quezon City


Toyota Quezon Avenue

728 Quezon Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

+63 2 8554 2000

Toyota Cubao

926 Aurora Blvd, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


Toyota Otis, Inc.


1770 Paz M. Guazon Street, Otis, Paco, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

+63 917 543 2744

Toyota San Pablo

Pan-Philippine Hwy, Alaminos, Laguna, Philippines

+63 49 543 5031

Toyota San Fernando, Pampanga

Olongapo-Gapan Road, 51 Jose Abad Santos Ave, San Fernando, 2000 Pampanga, Philippines

+63 45 961 1188

Toyota Tarlac City


MacArthur Hwy, Tarlac City, Tarlac, Philippines

+63 45 491 0888

Toyota Tacloban, Leyte

Pan-Philippine Hwy, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines

+63 53 325 2222

Toyota Bacoor Cavite

Barangay IV, Molino Blvd, Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines




Toyota is a company that was built on innovation and quality. It's no surprise, then, to see them launch the 2022 Camry with so many new features and improvements over their previous models. Indeed, the Toyota Camry 2022 is surely a great choice if you're looking for a high-quality sedan with excellent safety ratings. Please note down all the details we’ve listed in the Toyota Camry 2022 price Philippines if you plan to purchase it! For more options, visit


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