Hyundai Reina 2023 Price Philippines, Specs And Quick Review

P 683,000 - P 783,000

Are you wondering what the Hyundai Reina price will be in the 2023 Philippines market?

This Hyundai Reina 2023 price Philippines post will show you the price list and review the Hyundai Reina specs in detail for you. Wait no more and dive in for more information about Hyundai Reina 2023. 


Reina is a midsize automobile made by a famous Korean manufacturer Hyundai through the Beijing Hyundai joint venture. The car was first introduced on February 5, 2019. 

This subcompact is designed specifically for the Philippine market and is available in four variations. The basic model is the Hyundai Reina GL 1,4 MT and Hyundai Reina GL 1,4 AT. You can choose the two upgraded versions that come with Apple Carplay and Android Auto for a higher price. 

Hyundai Reina price Philippines

Hyundai Reina 2023 price Philippines​

Hyundai Reina 2023 Price Philippines

The list below will show you the price of the four variants that are offered in the Philippine market:



Hyundai Reina GL 1.4 AT with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto 

783,000 pesos    

Hyundai Reina GL 1.4 MT with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

733,000 pesos

Hyundai Reina GL 1.4 AT

733,000 pesos

Hyundai Reina GL 1.4 MT

683,000 pesos


Hyundai Reina Specs

Body Type


No. of seats


Fuel Type






Front-Wheel Drive

Max Output (HP)

94 HP @ 6,000 rpm



Wheel Size

14 in




Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

*Depending on variant

Front Parking Sensors

Not Available

Rear Parking Sensors

Not Available


5 years (160,000 kms)


Hyundai Reina Review


The body is built with gentle curves and lines that convey a refined elegance of 1,705mm broad, 4,300mm long, and 1,460mm tall. It also has a 150mm ground clearance and 2,570mm wheelbase.

The head of the car has a spiraling, hexagon grille outlined and a false air vent, trapezoidal headlamps, and elegantly curved bumpers. The wheel size is 14 inches, enough to support the four-door car. It has side repeaters positioned on the fenders, and color-keyed side view mirrors for increased visibility. 



The Hyundai Reina interior has fabric seats, chrome accents, and premium plastic to cover the other parts. 

The rear seats can contain three adults to sit comfortably with plenty of storage space in both the front and back of the car. It can drive up to 474 liters which is excellent for long trips.

Hyundai Reina interior

Hyundai Reina interior

Engine & Performance

The Hyundai Reina engine has only one option: a 1.4-liter gasoline engine that generates 94hp and 132 Nm of torque in a single mill. 

You can choose between a 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission. Furthermore, depending on the fuel type and model, the Hyundai Reina fuel consumption on the highway is 23.8 kmpl.

As a city car, the drive performance is smooth with a powerful engine that can go up to 90 km/h on the highway with about 2,200 RPMs. 

The manual transmission may have a bit of a short-throw shifter that can have some simple shifts. The manual transmission option offers much better shifts. One notice is that the clutch will be at the bottom of the pedal play. 

Hyundai Reina engine

Hyundai Reina engine


Platform & Chassis

Hyundai's PB Platform was used to construct this front-wheel-drive vehicle. Moreover, the Reina is supported by linked torsion beam suspension in the rear and McPherson struts in the front. Rear drum brakes and front disc brakes provide braking power. 

Technology & Safety Features

In terms of technology, the Hyundai Reina has a 3.5-inch SEG LCD screen, AM/FM radio, and USB port in the head unit. The steering is powered by a motor and has a manual tilt adjustment. 

For more entertainment, you can choose the two variants that come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for a better driving experience. An optional 7-inch infotainment screen with a piano black finish is also available, improving the aesthetic of the center console.

There is some lack in the model for safety features as there is no stability control, immobilizer, or security alarm. However, the Hyundai Reina comes standard with two airbags for the driver and the passenger, ISOFIX child seat tethers, and an anti-lock braking system.

Is Hyundai Reina 2023 A Good Car?

Overall, the Hyundai Reina is a wonderful choice for people searching for a simple sedan for their first automobile. It may not have the most up-to-date features, but it does have tried-and-true technology that will last for years.

In terms of equipment and technology, the car might not be the best, but with its price, we can say it is affordable and good for a middle-class family.


Hyundai Reina Philippines

Hyundai Reina exterior


In case you are searching for Hyundai Reina 2023 price Philippines, this post is the perfect choice for you. Overall, the Hyundai Reina is a good choice for its robust interior, low price tag, fuel-efficient engine, and many other qualities. 

After going through the car's specs and comparing it with other similar cars in the segment, you can have a detailed overview of the vehicle to make your purchase decision.  

Thanks for reading and please look forward to new posts from Philcarprice.


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