Geely Coolray 2022 Price Philippines, Specs And Review

P 998,000 - P 1,258,000

When you stand amid so many options on the market today, it will not be easy to choose a car that best suits your style and personal requirements but still has to satisfy economic conditions. 

Starting from ₱978,000, Geely Coolray 2022 has a massive launch, making the compact passenger-car segment more exciting than ever. 

You certainly want to look at Geely Coolray 2022 price Philippines before making a final decision. Our article is what you are looking for!

Geely Coolray 2022

Geely Coolray 2022 Price Philippines starts at P 978,000

Geely Coolray 2022 Price Philippines

In detail, the Geely Coolray 2022 price Philippines ranges from Php 978,000 to 1,198,000 in a total of 3 Geely Coolray variants. 

However, there is a slight difference in price between Geely Coolray 2022 and 2021, which we have helped you summarize through the table below.


Geely Coolray 2022

1.5 Comfort Turbo


1.5 Premium Turbo


1.5 Sport Turbo


1.5 Sport Limited Turbo ₱1,258,000

Geely Coolray 2022 Upgrade VS 2021 Model

Geely Coolray 2022 Philippines

Geely Coolray 2022

The Geely Binyue, also called Coolray in China, has been updated. 

The front fascia of this new Geely Coolray 2022 differs significantly from that of the previous facelifted model, which launched in the home country in 2021.

To be more specific, this product now has a large mesh grille that spans almost the entire front end of the crossover. 

It gets slimmer headlamps, and on the front end’s each side, the "vents" are now shaped like an arrow. Overall, the new Geely Philippines now resembles a Lexus.

Significant changes are also made to the rear. It now has a more aggressive appearance thanks to the added black mesh and a set of slightly smaller taillights.

The wing changes to a more complicated appearance, perfect with what can be considered pointed "horns."

The most considerable upgrade in this version is Geely Coolray specs powered by an inline-3 turbo 1.5-liter gasoline engine mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch auto transmission. 

It has a maximum output of 177 HP and 255 Nm torque, making it among the most potent crossovers.

Geely Coolray Pros And Cons


  • Stunning design: Despite being made in China, the car incorporates many American and European design elements. 
  • Eye-catching Geely Coolray colors.
  • Futuristic interior: Sleek lines, brushed chrome, and a three-tone palette create the Geely Coolray's interior with an innovative feel. 
  • Gorgeous cabin.
  • Impressive safety features.


  • Transmission: The driver must become accustomed to the DCT because it differs from the standard AT.
  • Non-frugal: The highway Geely Coolray fuel consumption is higher than the city.
  • Space: Despite being a 5-seater, the rear seat can only comfortably accommodate two people. 
  • High central console.

Geely Coolray 2022 Specs

Geely Coolray Specs

Seating capacity


Body Type

SUV / Crossover

Overall dimensions


Fuel Type 




Engine Displacement

1477 cc

Max Power

Max Torque

177 hp @ 5,500 rpm

255 Nm





Geely Coolray Review

In addition to the Geely Coolray 2022 price Philippines, we would like to share with you our detailed review about it. To have the best experience with the 2022 version, you first need to grab all specific information related to this product.


Geely Coolray exterior

Geely Coolray exterior

The Geely Coolray 2022 comes with projector-style headlamps on all variants. The Comfort and Premium models have halogen bulbs, and the Sport model has LED headlights. 

The car's exterior styling breathes an athletic sense, a sporty that is attracted by a younger segment.

Geely Coolray dimensions remain 4,330 x 1,795 x 1,609mm, while variants have different wheels and tires. The Coolray Comfort has 215/60/R17 tires and wheels, while 225/55/R18 tires and wheels are for the Coolray Premium as well as the Sport. 

All of the wheels feature a double-color turbine design.

The Sport model also obtains quad exhausts, a rear spoiler, and black cladding on the wheel arches, rear bumper, front bumper, and side sills.


Geely Coolray interior

Geely Coolray interior

The Geely Coolray interior is stylish and modern, coming with sleek details such as black leather seats with red stitches on the side. 

The dashboard has two-toned, with primarily black and red accents fitting in with the rest. 

Users can use paddle shifters with a jet-throttle-inspired design behind the steering wheel to manually shift gears, and the shifter has a handle for convenient access.

The gauge cluster is an LCD instrument console, 7 inches, customized based on the driving mode chosen. However, this feature is only available on the Sport variant.

Safety Feature

Geely Coolray engine

Geely Coolray engine

The Geely Coolray Philippines comes standard with an infotainment system of 10.25 inches linked to the QD Link - a mirroring software on smartphones. 

The industry-leading Sport version also includes fully blind-spot detection and automated parking. 

Traction control and stability are standard on all variants. Ant-lock braking comes with hill-start assist, electronic brake distribution, remote starting, cruise control, and a push button to start. 

Six airbags are typical on the Comfort & Premium, like the Sport model. On the other hand, the latter two don’t have a 360-degree camera and only have a parking camera at the back. 

Tire pressure monitoring is standard on only the Sport and Premium trims.

Engine and Drivetrain

The turbocharged 1.5-liter engine in the Coolray Philippines 2022 has a maximum output of 177 HP and 255 Nm torque. 

The power is routed to the front wheels via a 7-speed double-clutch automatic transmission. 

The aforementioned tranny could be controlled manually via paddle shifters. The model in question comes 3 driving modes: Normal, Eco, and Sport.


Geely Coolray continues to promote competition in 2022 by upgrading variants in the exterior, interior, technology, and safety features.

All in all, Geely Coolray 2022 Price Philippines is generally lower than in 2021, but it has many modifications that increase customer satisfaction and driving experience.

Hopefully, this article on will help you understand this model to select the most suitable companion.



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