Honda BR-V 2022 Price Philippines

P 1,038,000 - P 1,158,000

Honda Motor has always been one of the hottest brands in the car market. Currently, BR-V is a new, modern version and has many outstanding improvements. The Honda BR-V 2022 price Philippines is the most sought after by many people.

So how much does it cost? What is the outstanding design of the car? Let's explore right here!

honda br-v 2022 price philippines

Honda BR-V 2022 Philippines

About Honda And Honda BR-V 2022 

Honda is an extremely familiar brand to all of us. Honda is one of the leading names specializing in motorcycle production, but this company is still dominant in the car market. 

It is worth mentioning that Honda's annual revenue comes mostly from the automobile business. The Accord and Civic are the company's two outstanding fuel-efficient cars. In addition, Honda is involved in other areas such as miniature engines and farm machinery.

Honda currently owns a series of assemblage plants in many countries worldwide. In addition, companies are participating in joint ventures and distributing vehicle products worldwide.

Honda BR-V 2022 is the hottest name on the market right now. This car line is improved differently in many aspects, such as design and technology, to help create the best version that many people are looking for.

Specifications of Honda BR-V 2022

Refer to the info in the following table to learn about Honda BR-V specs: 


Seat capacity


Body class


Honda BR-V dimensions

Height: 1666 (mm)

Length: 4453 (mm)

Width: 1735 (mm)


2662 (mm)

Fuel tank total

42 (liters)


1497 (cc)

Engine Class

i-VTEC “Petrol Engine”

Maximum power


Maximum torque



Automatic & Manual  


Drum and Disc  


Front: MacPherson Strut

Back: Torsion Beam

Modifications Compared To 2021

We can easily see a significant difference in the design of the BR-V. Specifically, this car is still a perfect family car, but it has a very new and more modern appearance.

The new Honda BR-V Philippines version is fully equipped with LED headlights and 17-inch wheels, while the old version has only 16-inch wheels and halogen lights. The new version of the car is considered to have a more refined, clean, and extremely elegant appearance. 


honda br-v 2022 philippines

Honda BR-V 2022


The old version used the L15Z1 gasoline engine and had four cylinders with a capacity of 1.5-liter. This engine part can generate a power source of 118 hp and 145 Nm for torque. A continuous variable parameter box and manual gear shift mechanism are attached in the Philippine specification version.

Meanwhile, in the latest BR-V version, it is integrated with the L15ZF petrol engine and has four cylinders with a total of 1.5-liter. The torque part is 145 Nm, but the power is generated more than one hp (119 hp). This version also comes with a 5-speed manual transmission and a CVT.


Honda BR-V interior is one of the prominently changed elements in this car. Despite being a new version, this car also keeps some details like the old version, such as 7-inch headlights and seven seats.

While in the old version, you needed to adjust the air conditioner, in this new version manually, the car will be equipped with an automated climate control system. All your work becomes easier and more modern with automated features.

In addition, the display instrument cluster has also been converted into a rectangle with 4.2-inch TFT specifications. The display part is designed in a narrow circular shape in older cars.

The most notable point for BR-V is the Honda "Sensing". Specifically, a series of new elements have been added, such as blind-spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, cruise control, lane-keeping assist, etc. 

The mentioned elements are only available in the new model, and you cannot experience these features in the old model.

Honda BR-V 2022 Price Philippines

According to the latest updates, the Honda BR-V 2022 Price Philippines has not yet had the latest announcements related to the price, but there have been many assessments that it could fall into the one million pesos range.

You can check the detailed price list for 2021 to get the most objective assessment.

Honda BR-V 2021 price Philippines series generally forms at "₱1,038,000.00", and the lower BR-V 1.5 S CVT - 1.5 V CVT is priced at "₱1,158,000.00".


Variants of Honda BR-V


1.5 S - CVT


1.5 Prestige - CVT


1.5 V - CVT



Honda BR-V 2022 Review

To better understand this car line, you can refer to the information about the Honda BR-V review right here!


Honda BR-V interior

This car still retains the number of seats at seven seats, but the layout in the car gives a much more modern feeling to the occupants. Specifically, many elements are improved, supplemented, and upgraded, such as:

  • Automatic temperature control feature
  • New Dashboard
  • Android Auto/Apple CarPlay integration
  • Leather upholstered seat
  • Touch screen up to 7 inches
  • Multi-information display

honda br-v 2022 interior

Honda BR-V interior

Honda BR-V exterior

Honda BR-V colors are always an attractive factor for many people. Especially in this line, everything is balanced to give the car the sharpest overall look. In addition, black cladding is still used in this design.

Other prominent exterior elements include:

  • A lane-view camera.
  • A repeater in the mirror.
  • A new set of "16-inch" alloys.
  • Roof rails.

In addition to the black upper bumper, the MPV is also equipped with a pair of modern taillights. Especially there are other accessories such as the rear spoiler, shark fin antenna, and parking sensors. 

Car engine and safety features

In the same segment, the BR-V is presently the only vehicle that integrates features such as lane departure warning - lane keeping, collision mitigation braking, automated emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring.

This new car version has the same engine as the City line. Specifically with 119 horsepower and 145 Nm of torque, 1.5-liter gasoline, manual/CVT transmission. 

Evaluate The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Honda BR-V


  • Honda BR-V fuel consumption savings
  • Strong powertrain
  • Comfy
  • Excellent handling


  • Small practical
  • Last row discomfort
  • Smaller safeness
  • Loud cabin

honda br-v philippines

Honda BR-V pros and cons


Honda Dealers In The Philippines

Beside Honda BR-V 2022 Price Philippines and Honda BR-V 2022 Review, you can refer to the outstanding Honda car dealers in the following list: 


Honda car dealer



Corner of Columbia Street (Ortigas Avenue), Mandaluyong City

Quezon City

141 - Quezon Avenue

Cebu City

A Soriano - North Reclamation Area

Angeles Clark

“Manuel A.” Roxas Highway, Pampanga

Baliuag Bulacan

DRT Highway - “3019” Baliuag

Camarines Sur

San Jose (National Highway), Pili


“Emilio Aguinaldo” Highway, Dasmarinas


“Don Mariano Marcos” Avenue, Quezon City


“National” Highway - Brgy, Cauayan City

Lipa City

“Ayala” Highway, Batangas


Honda BR-V 2022 price Philippines is always a factor that we expect and look forward to. In the meantime, while waiting for the latest information about this BR-V version, the above reviews will be a great suggestion for you.

You can discover more details about the Honda range through our related posts on Philcarprice. Hope you will ride your BR-V in smooth and silk!



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