Toyota Raize 2022 Price Philippines - An All New Compact SUV

P 746,000 - P 1,031,000

Toyota is one of the top brands out there when it comes to the production of cars. Toyota Raize 2022 was one of the most awaited vehicles from the company. And, the all new Toyota Raize has finally been dropped lately by the Japanese manufacturer. In the small SUV segment, 2022 Raize is considered to be a counterbalance of Kia Stonic and Ford Ecosport.


Toyota Raize 2022 price Philippines

Toyota Raize 2022 

It is believed that this vehicle will be focused on enhancing the driver's driving experience. This writing will find out how much the Toyota Raize 2022 price Philippines is and how it fares against its competitors. Let's start!

Toyota Raize 2022 Price Philippines

The subcompact crossover segment is fast evolving in the country, with Toyota being one of the newest brands to participate in. 

Resembling Daihatsu's smaller Rocky wagon, this vehicle (formerly known as Mirai), the Raize is offered in five grades with Toyota Raize price Philippines ranging from P 746.000 for the 1.2 version with an manual 5-speed to P 1.031.000 for a CVT equipped 1.0 turbo variant. 

Its design reflects a sporty edge within its segment and resembles the brand's Hilux pickup truck. 


Below is Toyota Raize 2022 Price Philippines:

Toyota Raize Variants


Toyota Raize 1.2 E MT

₱746,000 Million

Toyota Raize 1.2 E CVT

₱816,000 Million

Toyota Raize 1.2 G CVT

₱906,000 Million

Toyota Raize 1.0 Turbo CVT

₱1.031 Million


Today that changes introduce the new Raize, which will go up against the Ford EcoSport, and Kia Stonic. 

Compared to the Ford EcoSport, the new Toyota Raize will have a better performance, and it is more expensive. For Ford Ecosport, the model with 1.5 L Trend MT has a price starting from ₱750,000, while the top-spec model with 1.0 L Titanium AT costs more than a million pesos. But the better design is the major factor that makes the new Raize have a higher price. 

If you want to save money, then the Kia Stonic will be the car for you. The Stonic is a great car and has the same design concept as Toyota's Raize. The base variant of the KIA Stonic costs ₱765,000, and a top-spec variant is estimated to cost ₱955,000. It's a great option for those who want a newer car but can't afford a new Toyota Raize.


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2022 Toyota Raize Review

Beside Toyota Raize 2022 Price Philippines, we would like to introduce you to a detailed review of the 2022 Toyota Raize

Toyota Raize Exterior

The Raize didn't impress me much when you first saw the model in photos back in 2020. It was just like you thought it would be: one of those new baby RAV4s.

The all new Toyota Raize has a more angular style than most other Toyota models, which offers customers a more capable vehicle to handle difficult terrain. It comes with either split-type LED headlights or Halogen headlights. 


Toyota Raize 2022 price

Toyota Raize exterior

The black cladding on the rear end offers some ruggedness to match the front end. And those looking for a bit of elegance can choose the Premium package that includes a two-tone black and blue color scheme with 17-inch wheels. 

Unlike other Toyota models, owners will only have three variants to hear about instead of many others they may not be as familiar with due to slight model differences like this one.

Toyota Raize Interior

Toyota Raize 2022, the company's good-looking new subcompact crossover revealed at the recent Tokyo Auto Salon, comes with either a predominantly black or urethane with silver dashboard trim. 

Toyota Raize interior

Toyota Raize interior

You can also choose between leather and silver on the 1.0 Turbo CVT and 1.2-liter G CVT variants, or urethane and silver for the 1.2 E CVT and 1.0 E MT versions when customizing your (interior of your) car! 

It also comes standard with an illuminated entry system to help you spot any rogue spiders along your path before you get anywhere near them, plus a great-looking steering wheel. The Raize seats up to five people comfortably.

Toyota Raize Fuel Consumption

The Raize is a skillful vehicle, especially on the highway. The CVT transmission does tend to limit Toyota raize top speed, but it can do 0-62mph in 10.4 seconds if given enough time to get up to full speed. 

When underway, its handling is quite impressive, particularly on uncongested roads where it drives well. The steering isn't heavy and seems well set up; further tests may need to be carried out to understand its exact performance over long distances better. 

For now, it is safe for you to say the Raize has good maneuvering capabilities at city speeds - though, in the traffic-heavy capital. It does not give us much chance to prove itself further than before we had to turn back for lack of time.

Toyota Raize Engine

Today, most manufacturers choose smaller displacement turbocharged engines over larger displacement naturally-aspirated units. The Toyota Raize is no different. 

Toyota Raize engine

Toyota Raize engine

One of the subcompact crossover's two engine options produces a lot of power: 97 hp and 140 Nm of torque. Even though the Raize weighs only 1,040 kg, it has more than enough power on tap - which is great for city driving. You get instant power whenever you need it. 

The transmission shifts smoothly at low RPMs to match revs with your acceleration inputs to save fuel - very similar to how a torque converter in an automatic transmission works.

Toyota Raize Safety

The Toyota Raize Philippines is equipped with a handful of safety features. That being said, customers should expect that the top-of-the-line Turbo variant is the model with all the goodies like six airbags, front + rear sensors, and a backup camera with guidelines. 

Standard features include an immobilizer and anti-lock brake system (ABS) with electronic brakeforce distribution. Lower variants gain additional side and curtain shield airbags along with an alarm and a reverse camera, reminiscent of those found in more expensive cars.

2022 Toyota Raize Specs


1198 cc


87 hp



Anti-Lock Braking


Number of seats

5 seats

Ground Clearance

200 mm


1.2L Gasoline, In-line 3 Cylinder 12 Valve DOHC

Airbag for driver


Toyota Raize Pros And Cons


  • Great design
  • Strong engine
  • Offer great interior


  • Not smooth driving for everyone
  • Not really engine effectively


The Toyota Raize 2022 is a car to be designed for your family to enjoy a better and safer trip. Even though it has some drawbacks if you want a smooth driving experience, Raize 2022 is still the car you can trust to take your beloved one to any destinations. 

So, there you have it, guys! We hope you enjoyed our article about the Toyota Raize 2022 Price Philippines on Let us know what you think in the comments, and do share this article if you think it will benefit your friends or colleagues. Cheer!




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